ACB, RBM in Mangochi for virtual meeting


Officials from Reserve Bank of Malawi, Anti-Corruption and Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) have travelled from there bases in Lilongwe to Mangochi for a virtual meeting.

According to lawyer Bright Theu, officials from the three organisations are at the lake attending a virtual meeting with their counterparts in the SADC region.

“The meeting was initially to be held physically in Arusha (Tanzania). Accommodation and allowances on the public purse. Of course, some pretense of a justification will be advanced,” said Theu in a Facebook post.

Malawians have since condemned the three institutions saying they are wasting money belonging to taxpayers.

“At the core of this is the culture of out of office allowances,” said activist Idriss Ali Nassah.

Commenting on Theu’s post, Menard Kanfoloma said: “And these are the people we have entrusted with responsibility to fight corruption, money laundering and theft in our public places?

No wonder we are not making progress. They are the culprits themselves.”

While another commenter said: “I wonder if there are people in these public offices that dare challenge such kind of stupidity and status quo…we talk of reforms and yet things remain the same or worse!”