MP asks Tonse Govt to continue two projects in his constituency

Member of Parliament for Phalombe North East Constituency Emuhiye Namachekecha has asked the Tonse Alliance Government to continue two projects in his constituency which were initiated by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration.

On Tuesday in Parliament, Namachekecha asked the Deputy Minister of Transport Nancy Mdooko about two projects in his constituency which until now are on standstill.

He said the projects are Ntonya bridge and Swang’oma-Migowi to Nasiyaya road which he said were supposed to have been done by now.

“Ntonya bridge which is in Mauzi stretching from Namba market to gogo Nazombe health centre road via longwe this Bridge is very important as far as we are concerned because it is connecting to our trading Centre of Chilinge. Unfortunately, though the DPP government gave us Madeye bridge, there are still some problems on the road and people are not using it because of this Ntonya bridge,” he said.

He added that the bridge was actually by the Roads Authority who found the contractor but when they were about to start it was found out that the roads authority had no money.

“So now with the change of government it would appear that the bridge hasn’t been started as yet so I thought I could remind the Government of Tonse alliance to actually find out from those contractors which were already awarded, are they not going to start off the project because as of now people of Phalombe North East we are actually suffering,” said Namachekecha.

He also noted that there is another project which is the Swang’oma to Nasiyaya via Nambazo road   that needs urgent attention because right now the road is in a bad condition and people are struggling when they are passing that road.

According to Namachekecha, he has been standing in parliament lamenting about the road since 2014. He further said that a contractor was identified and it is just a matter of finalising the project.

“It is my wish that the Tonse government should really continue with these projects because my people are suffering and getting these two projects finished will help the people of Phalombe North East a lot,” said Namachekecha.