Skeffa joins Phyzix: loses Facebook page to hackers


Chamuluma Chakuda Skeffa Chimoto as he has lost his Facebook page to hackers, a few months after Gamba Phyzix went through the same ordeal.

The singer lost access to the platform a few days ago. He last posted on the page three days ago. Meanwhile, the hackers are using it to promote their own interests.

“I have lost access to my official Facebook page. Note that I am not the one making posts on the page but the hackers,” confirmed Skeffa.

Commenting on the matter, some quarters have argued that some people lose their Facebook pages out of trickery.

One of the musicians Henry Czar has concurred with those making such claims. He said some people asked him to grant them access to his Facebook page in return for money.

Another musician Wikise is also on record to have said that admins of pages get involved for the page to be lost.

Meanwhile, Chimoto’s page has over two hundred thousand followers. Some of the posts which are appearing on the platforms are videos about baking, and how to repair tarmac roads.