Man killed at Msundwe for attempting to rape child


A 21 year-old man has been killed at Msundwe in Lilongwe after being accused of attempting to rape a child.

Central Region Police spokesperson Alfred Chinthere has identified the man as Clement Chigwe.

According to Chinthere, resports show that the child’s father killed Chigwe today after learning that Chigwe attempted to rape the girl.

Chigwe’s murder angered community members and they also attempted to kill the father.

Chinthere said the law enforcers are still investigating the issue.

The murder of the rape suspect comes days after Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda called on Malawians to beat up rape suspects before handing them over to police.

Speaking at a rally last week, Chimwendo expressed concern that suspects of child rape are not being punished by community members despite the rise in rape cases.

Chimwendo Banda is Director of Youth in the ruling Malawi Congress Party which is popular at Msundwe.