Driver fined K280,000 after hitting six people


The Mangochi First Grade Magistrate’s Court on Friday ordered 32-year-old Henry Mukhuli to pay a K280,000 fine for hitting six people as a result of driving a car whilst drunk.

Mukhuli was sentenced to pay the fine for driving on a public road without driving license contrary to section 18 of the Road Traffic Act, driving on a public road without certificate of insurance contrary to section 141, using an unregistered motor vehicle on a public road contrary to section 11, Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor contrary to section 128 and reckless driving contrary to section 126.

Sub inspector Regina Makwinja told the court that on December 12, 2019 at about 6PM, Mukhuli was driving an unregistered Honda Fit motor vehicle whilst drunk from the direction of monkey-bay to Mangochi boma.

“Upon arrival at Palm beach, Mukhuli hit a cyclist with three pillion passengers before hitting a female pedestrian at a distance. He also hit a male pedestrian at Mpondasi trading centre who was crossing the road from left to right hand side,” said Makwinja.

Following the impact, one victim at Palm Beach sustained fractured right leg whilst others escaped with minor injuries. A victim at Mpondasi sustained various degrees of wounds on right leg, back and head.

Mukhuli was arrested and taken to Mangochi district hospital where he underwent liquor test and results revealed that he was drunk.

Appearing before the court, Mukhuli pleaded guilty to charges levelled against him.

In submission, the state prayed for a stiff penalty saying the conduct of the driver was a death trap to other road users.

Passing sentence, First Grade Magistrate Augustine Mizaya concurred with state about the seriousness of the offences.

Mikhuli was sentenced to pay K50, 000 fine for each of the first and second counts, K30,000 for the third count, and K75, 000 for each of the fourth and fifth counts.

Mizaya said he sentenced Mikhuli to pay a fine in order to deter would be offenders.


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  1. Hitting 6 people while drunk, and driving without a licence, this is a very serious offence. That driver should have been jailed for 7 years without any option of a fine.

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