Committee defends ‘archaic’ cancer centre design


The Parliamentary Committee on Health has defended the design of the National Cancer Centre being constructed in Lilongwe and has called on Malawians to wait for the building to be completed.

Chairperson of the committee Juliana Lunguzi made the remarks following social media debate over the design of the cancer centre.

The National Cancer Centre

Earlier, Economist Henry Kachaje posted pictures of the centre on Facebook and questioned the way the buildings were designed. Kachaje likened the buildings to secondary school classrooms and dining halls.

“Who came up with the designs for the Cancer Centre? I wish we had asked Madonna for the contact details of the one who designed Mercy James Paediatric Centre kuti atithandize,” he said.

But in her response, Lunguzi said the cancer centre is about providing a service that Malawians are desperately in need of and it goes beyond an ugly structure.

She advised Malawians to be patient and wait until the building is completed.

“If it looks Ugly now it might be ok…..chances are we don’t need a very beautiful looking structure but all amenities included and upon completion it might look beautiful and befitting your expectations,” he said.

Lunguzi added that people should also be concerned about issues such as procurement of equipment and medications for the centre, training of specialised staff and arrangements that have been put in place to ensure patients from all over Malawi should be able to access the centre.

Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi also concurred iwith Lunguzi saying the centre’s capability to actually support those suffering from cancer in Malawi is the most important issue.

“My excitement on the progress of the building was merely to show that progress is being made – it is not simply a foundation stone project for which the Government has come under some criticism of late,” Muluzi said.



  1. Juliana Lunguzi what nonsense are you talking about. You are just useless like your government who has no ambition. You are destroying the image of our beloved country. People like you, shouldn’t be our leader.

  2. I don’t like it either, kodi amphawi a lunguzi ka nurce kanganene chiyani. ndiye aziti mcp ikadzatenga boma azatukula dziko lino. anthu ake ngati lunguzi kukhala wankulu wa ma project ndiye yembekezelani ma structure ngati amenewo.

  3. The fact remains,the best and Morden designers are yet to be recruited. And this design doesn’t cost as much as the gov’t was tendered.

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