South African jailed 10 years for smuggling cocaine


Midima Senior Resident Magistrate Court has today sentenced a South African drug dealer to 10 years imprisonment for smuggling cocaine.

The South African Dennis Sandile Payi was found guilty on 27th October, 2017 by the same court of illegal importation of dangerous drugs under section 11 as read with section 19 of the Dangerous Drugs Act.


In his mitigation, Dennis pleaded for forgiveness saying it was not his intention to bring dangerous drugs to Malawi but his poor financial position forced him.

When passing the judgement, Senior Resident Magistrate Hussein Ibrahim of Midima Magistrate

Court said the suspect deserves no lenience to deter others would be offenders and to deter the convict from re-offending the same.

He then sentenced Dennis Sandile Payi to 10 years Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL) with no option of a fine effective from his date of arrest.

The convict was arrested while coming from Brazil via Addis Ababa Ethiopia on Ethiopian Airlines flight to Chileka International Airport on 20 October 2017.

The case was prosecuted by Sub Inspector Chikwanda of Chileka International Airport Police.



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