Mutharika lifts maize export ban


President Peter Mutharika has removed the maize export ban that his government imposed.

He said the ban has been lifted with immediate effect.

Mutharika made the announcement when he made an unannounced visit to Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc).

Mutharika: I’m convinced that we have enough maize in stock.

“I’m convinced that we have now enough maize in stock, yes we have plenty, therefore, we have decided to lift the ban on maize export. This is an executive order and I urge the Chief Secretary to gazzette this. However both NFRA and Admarc will continue buying maize. We will provide them with more resources,” he said.

In May when he presided over the official opening of this year’s 14th National Agriculture Fair at Chichiri Trade Fair Grounds in Blantyre the Malawi leader said his government instituted the ban on maize export to prevent what happened in 2002 during the Bakili Muluzi administration when government exported maize to Kenya and a year later Malawi was hit hard by food shortages.

“Our plan is to fill up all our national silos and then we will be able to sell the excess, like I have always been saying, as long as I am president in this country no one will die of hunger,” said Mutharika.

Some farmers were not happy with the ban because they were selling maize locally at a low price due to high supply of maize on the market.



  1. A big brain (Muthalika) can’t make a mistake anangoiwala kkkk.My felow Malawian don’t forget banja limeneli lili ndimaphunziro ochuluka that is why amaganiza moyiwala.The only problem of all this alibe knowledge of deen

  2. In a DPP mwapha anthu central region ,komaso mwafuna kuti anthu akumwera ndiwo aziva kukoma chapondayo akukulakwitsani

  3. The government hope is targeting business farmers not local ones who sell even what is required to feed their families.

  4. Thanks alot Mr president! ADMARC sikugula komanso export ban pompo ayayaya anthu tin mpaka kuligulitsa MK1300 chifukwa chosowa kokagulitsa

  5. Kugenda katauluka!!! Farmers in the villages have already been swindled by the middlemen. The ban will only benefit the swindlers of Malawians who never lift a hoe in any garden but know how to empty a beer bottle/ can!!! Does your decision make sense Your Excellency? Next time, take the right decisions at an opportune time!!! Never frustrate our villagers which is what you have just achieved through your current decision!!! Saaaaadddd!!!

  6. Kkkk mMalawi alibe pa bwinodi sure. Always looking for another blame plan when the current one is corrected. Better late than never!!!!!

    1. Historically in Malawi alimi akhala akugulidwa mbewu zao motchipa. If you follow current affairs, dig and you will come to realise that

    2. Ndizowonadi kuti a Malawi alibe pabwino ndipo sadzathekaso wina nkumati “Ndikufu nditenge boma ine! tangotini pheee wina adzathawa kwinaku akulira ngati waona amayi ake!

    3. Pano ndi November alimi ambiri zokolola zawo anagulitsa kale makamaka chimanga pano ambiri akufuna kugulaso chimanga chomwecho zikatero mavenda amene anagula chimanga chawo motchipa achigulitsa modula kumayiko ena come February Admarc adzakwedza mtengo ndiye ubwino ulipati pamenepa?

  7. I guess now we understand their plan. They ban exports during harvest season when maize is plenty, a time when the common farmer can benefit most. Admarc starts buying only after big connected vendors have amassed stock, so does NFRA. When they see that the two can’t cope anymore, they lift the export ban, at a time when the common farmer has no maize to sell anymore. In the end, the farmer will buy the same maize he sold at k2000 now at k10000. So why is the common Malawian celebrating? School me.

  8. Vuto Sipresident Koma Athu Amene Akugwira Nawo Tchito Amamunamiza Komas Alim’mwano Akamadzudzulidwa Akumayakha Zamwano Zomwe Mtundu Wamalawi Zikuwanyas A APM Asanapange Zomwe Auzidwa Adziyamba Afufuza Kaye Chifukwa Mbiri Yawo Ndiyomwe Ikuipa Mwachidule Muyende Tsache Onse Wachotse.

  9. Abale muzivako chisoni munthu kuti apeze fees yamwa Ku Dec mpaka akulitse matumba 9 ,Nthumba LA feteleza chima nga matumba9
    Below laSuga matumba9 Ku Chigayonthumba limodzi ndiye kuti agulitse 20kg Buledi 7kgs Chimanga ndalama ysowa chifukwa ndalama amatulutsa ndimulimi zake zikamayenda kuno kuMalawi

  10. bad news.chimanga chidula.expect ten gland per bag in two weeks. because kenya and Tanzania will buy all our maize.come February njala ku dedza thyolo and parts of bt.and if the rains siyigwa bwino expect minister mangurama and joyce Banda(board chair admarc) hunger situation of 2002.somebody has wrongly advised the president.

    1. and the problem is timing,why this government act at wrong time always,poor famers have sold all the maize to vendors,and they’re the ones to benefit

    2. Bad news to those who reap where they did not sow. Good news to the innocent farmers who have been harassed by merciless vendors who bought their maize as if they did not put in their money and time

    3. I agree with you MB Chiwoko
      Some farmers in Njiri, Nkhatabay were pleading with me to buy their maize at MK1300 so that they buy fertilizer for this farming season you can just imagine. Demand was low while supply was high

  11. …..and prices of maize are automatically going up coz there will be less maize on the market since much of it will be going abroad.

  12. APM wachita bwino,wakhomelera alimi mokwana,coz some farmers are practicing commercial,advantage iz dat we r now buying maiz on lower price due to dis ban

  13. Bola Pamenepa Mumati Mungatani Koma Mwatibela Kale Mufuna Mugulitse Ndinu Mupeze Ndalama Za Kampeni Mwatchela Ku Mwezi Nkhanga Zaona

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