I will not shield corrupt ministers – APM

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has warned newly appointed cabinet ministers that he will not shield any minister involved in corruption.

Mutharika has also told the ministers not to be lazy adding that he will not tolerate complacency.

Peter Mutharika
Anna Kachikho takes oath of the office at Kamuzu Palace

President Mutharika said this on Friday at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during the swearing-in ceremony of four cabinet ministers.

The four are Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Anna Kachikho, Minister of Mining and Natural Resources Aggrey Massi who was Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Deputy Defence Minister Everton Chimulilenji and Deputy Minister of Gender Clement Mkumbwa.

Mutharika advised the ministers to refrain from corrupt practices saying he will not protect any minister from the long arm of the law.

“Ministers are custodians of public resources and I will not shield any minister found taking part in corrupt practices,” said Mutharika.

He added that what he is looking for from the ministers is a hardworking spirit. The president also urged the new ministers to listen to advice.

“In exercising your duty, I urge you to put forward the aspirations and needs of the people. These aspirations are constantly changing with time. This means you must be listening leaders. Always listen to the needs of the people,” said Mutharika



  1. Is this what you call being a president mr president?? …you utter words but you do nothing …comeon give the people some new hopes …set some new obligations … put the nails in all the holes not waiting for your cabinet to steal from the poor people and then you say I won’t leave or shield them hahaha you hav failed Malawians

  2. Don’t expect a politician to adress all of your demands.Even Chakwera can’t help this country to a certain level.if we have someone who fears the oppositions,then he’s good.

  3. And its non of ur business as a president we have Anti Corruption Beaural to deal with that not U. R u trying to tel us that u r not a corrupt leader? Malawi wil change only if we change our costitutions. We nid equal rights, if the first citizen dont know hw to pay tax to his own govt wat example is he giving to the ordinary citizen?

  4. mukuitha a president,timakunyadirani pitilizani kuwakwidzinga onse akusololawo,osawanyengelera,akakhala winayu ndiye ayi waba watopa mkuba zampingo akungofuna adxitiberenso zabomamo,akunama ameneyu,winayo akanene dziko lino likhoza kutukuka chaka chimodzi ndichani anapangapo alinduna zamziiiii

  5. Malawians are tired of old syllabused speeches,old fashioned
    Mr president jst wait&see
    We are ready to kick you in the butt&out of govt in 2019

  6. Peter muthalika should stop talking old-fashioned speeches(talking without real actions)because whatever he may say shall be used as a witness against him coming 2019 general election

  7. Dr Chakwera Sidiki Mia 2019 boma we are sick and tired of these corrupt ministers who hav been holding positions repetedly eg Goodall,Mussa we need all these old fellows to enjoy their pension at home

  8. Political move,too late to reveal.Mickey Mouse,trying to crook the voters.Where were you to deal with the corruptionists.A chainsmoker can’t convince his fellow chainsmoker to stop smoking.

  9. After noticing that the tide is high finally has realized that he is not too cunning for the Malawi citizens than he assumed before! Malawians are far more intelligent than you!

  10. Start with those around you comrade..what about starting with cashgate that happened during yo brother regime..bring them to justice maybe then we will take you serious mr pressident.

  11. The warning is ill timed. Not now when 2019 is approaching. Where were you all this time? When are we going to be regarded as human beings who have the brains to differentiate between a lie and the truth. Malawians let’s wake up.

    1. @task muli ku malawi konkuno kapena munatchona kutali,inu simukuzidziwa za 7rotten ministers kkkk
      3-jean kalilani
      Kkkkk vuto si inu vuto ndi ntchito imene mukugwirayi ya u cadet

  12. l have hated the President but with his new moves of not shielding any involved in corruption l say big up 67% of my vote he will get my vote


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