Fatal Independence Day celebrations cost Malawi K80 million

7 children die in stampede Malawi

Malawi government has disclosed that the country spent K80 million for Independence Day celebrations on July 6.

Chairperson of the organizing committee for the celebrations Joseph Mwanamvekha said the initial budget was pegged at K100 million but President Peter Mutharika ordered a cut of costs.

Malawi Independence
Mwanamvekha: we followed all processes

Speaking to members of the press in Lilongwe, Mwanamvekha said the committee chose not to disclose the cost at first as they had a plan to account for every expense.

“All the process, despatch of funds was done following audit procedure and following Public Finance Management Act and all relevant procedures and regulations,” said Mwanamvekha.

During the celebrations, there was a stampede at Bingu National Stadium where 8 people died and over 40 sustained injuries. Some Malawians criticised the organisers for going ahead with the celebrations following the tragedy.

But Mwanamvekha said the football match between Silver Strikers and Nyasa Big Bullets went on despite the stampede since some soccer lovers had planned to riot if the organisers cancelled the game.

Mwanamvekha also disclosed that his committee recommended early opening of the gates at Bingu National Stadium.

He was disputing claims that the organisers ordered that gates should be opened at 9am. Late opening of the gates is believed to have caused the stampede.



  1. Poor pipo spend more than riches Malawi poor country invite pipo from else where to help them chopping the little money we were given to buy orphans food and cloth shame its no longer independent its now a country party day kkkkkkk kkkkkkk 6 july

  2. 80 million for celeb.y didnt the govt constract classroom @Mtunthama primary skuul whre @ 53yrz, leanerz still seat under a tree to get education,boss tamaganizani ngati proffessor,ifeyo tilora osadya mpunga pa xrismas bola tigule uniform za ana koma inu ndalama zonsezo 6july basi y didnt pay the h/center staff that atleast they work in week end the only july.

  3. After all there is no free function in the whole world especially celebrations like these. The government has to spend. It would have also been on headlines if government did not observe the celebrations.

  4. The killing of people cost 80 millions kwacha to use devil issues for my brother uwill die also before 2019

  5. We should worry the innocent people who lost their lives in that celebration not money. Life can’t be compared with money

  6. The budget was too small. No wonder an accident occurred. Next year the budget must be ten times larger to carter for security and other important events.

  7. ok, tamva. zikomo poti mwanena koma anabako zingati amwanamveka ndi anzawo? anthuwa sangaone ndalama mkuzisiya osatolapo kanthu ndikukuuzani ine, nduna za boma ndizokuba zonse

  8. Gud to hypocrites…those in seats
    While wina on rich out n touch beg only 2million to save life
    U drink n enjoy….who do u care
    Roads are claiming lives its nt that drivers dont know job bt condition of it
    Look LL to Mzimba road condition
    Is it for opposition either
    Young kids die while u proudly pronounce such huge figure that farmers can faint after hear that u buy crops at low than magin
    Gud at begging …our country is poor check mate
    Whoz poor …
    Ur minds are poor bt pockets full of cash of poor
    Do u go to church…which God do u save…..
    Better b in house of cry than in parties of urs

  9. Chosecho amalawi akumzuzika ndi umphawi wadzawoneni inu mkumati muli pachikondelero cha ufulu zomvetsa chisoni kunyasalande

  10. It was dpp independent celebration not national , we’re unfortunately in malawi cos the ruling parties always hijack the national celebrations they forget that not all of us follow the so called ruling party

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