Mutharika dissolves University of Malawi Council


President Peter Mutharika has dissolved the council of the University of Malawi (Unima) in what State House dubs as ‘a bid to end labour disputes’ at the university.

Mutharika has directed government to mediate in the labour dispute between Unima academic staff and the council of the university, having noted that the council and Chancellor College management are failing to resolve the matter.


Peter Mutharika
Mutharika dissolves Unima Council.

The president cites the University of Malawi Act (1998), which stipulates that direct management of the University of Malawi rests with the University Council as supported by the Vice Chancellor and management.

State House in statement says government invited and met the University Council, college management and representatives of academic staff to agree on the steps that will ensure that Chancellor College opens with every expedition possible.

Meanwhile, a taskforce has been formed on the matter.

The discussions of the taskforce will be facilitated by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology and Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in order to ensure continuity of the first meeting which was held on 16 June 2017.

”The President hereby expresses his desire that the involved parties will reach a common understanding and re-open Chancellor College,” says the State House statement signed by presidential spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani.

The statement adds that the president has placed his confidence in the taskforce and the process they have agreed upon to resolve the situation in the University of Malawi.

Also attending the discussions will be Secretary to Treasury, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development and Comptroller of Statutory Corporations.




    1. Hahahahahahahhaha…. Chancellor is forgetting he is part of the university council. Sizinthu Zija zomanena kuti anthu nonsenu chokani, for getting nawenso ndi munthu… Kkkkkkkkkk

    2. hahaha! Bingu anali dhilu, anangochotsa responsible nduna yomwe inali fast asleep at the material time without tampering with the Council and all things went smoothly. Of course, the problems at hand aren’t equal & requiring varying approach/moves!

  1. Bvuto losankha anthu mu mipando based on tribalism ndilimeneli. They are in their positions not to deliver but kudyelela popeza wakwathu ali pa mpando. This country really stinks.

  2. Kuimba chiminingo njobvu zitaononga kale, kuganiza mochedwa bah sikwabwino, nthawi zonse kuchita zinthu mochedwa ngati anakukakamizani utsogoleri

    1. well it’s not late there is no past there is no present there is no furture there is moment. what matters is the answer which will lead to success

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