GOTV subscription goes up


The introduction of a 10 per cent excise tax on television subscription has not just come without biting Malawians.

The Malawi government in its 2017/18 national budget announced it had introduced this tax and the reactions to it are already coming with Multichoice Malawi announcing a hike in subscription fee for DSTV’s sister bunch of television providers, GOTV.

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In the new prices, GOtv plus is now at K7,590 from K6900.

Gotv Value is now at K4,070 from K3,700 while Gotv Lite subscribers will now have to pay K1,430 from K1,300.

The previous hike took place just last month.

Multichoice Malawi has been open enough to cite the introduction of the tax on TV subscription as being the driving factor to this.

The company introduced GOTV in Malawi in 2013 so as to help less privileged people access some DSTV channels at cheaper rates. Since establishing its roots, the cost towards accessing the channels has been adjusted several times.

With the country migrating to digital from analogue before the end of this year, GOTV has provided many Malawians with an opportunity to switch to digital before analogue gets completely crushed.


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  1. GOTV = DSTV = Multichoice = Naspers = = = Naspers

    Naspers = NWO pro-liberal anti-God trash media which pushes sodomy, godlessness and racial hatred in South Africa. Guess what kind of quality they’re trying to push onto you in Malawi…

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