Malawi Budget: Education Ministry gets the largest share


The Ministry of Education Science and Technology has gotten the lion’s share of the 2017/18 Malawi national budget, Finance Minister, Goodall Gondwe says.

Gondwe is at the moment making a presentation in Parliament in Lilongwe.

According to Gondwe, the Ministry gets K235 billion which represents 18.% of the total budget.

This means the Ministry has taken off the Agriculture Ministry which was top in the previous budget.

The Agriculture Ministry has gotten K192 Billion which represents 15.5% of the total budget.

The Ministry of Health has  an allocation of K129.0 billion which is 9.9 % of total budget and falls as  the third largest.

The budget is pegged at K 1, 297.2 trillion an increase from about K1 trillion in the 2016/2017 budget.


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  1. ndalama zimenezi ndizomangira ma ttc ndkukonza ma primary xol akale yet our lg is espected to b sent back to acc # 1 on 30 june since our bosses hv failled to gv us….kkkk ministry ili mmanja mwa apumbwa!!!!!!

  2. goond stands education is key to open human being thinking capacity let us all joinds hands to make our country better place 4nex generation to come.

  3. Education is a Key for Poverty Reduction but malawi is malawi nothing will change, those politicians are going to misusing the money and they are there just to enrich themselves not to develop Malawi

  4. Thats good,lets be together as Malawians Education is only thing that can help to develope our country,tisangokhala negative on anything..and lets hope kuti omwe ali kusogolowo ayendetse bwino ndalamazo.

  5. Malawi 24, please clear me on this K235 billion bcoz as I quote Zodiak talks abt k38.7billion?

    #2017/18Budget agriculture and climate change allocated K62.0 bn; Education K38.7 bn; Health K25.7 bn, Roads Sector’s allocation is K69.9 bn.

  6. but nothing will change …..still problems in this sector, our minister is just smiling on this koz his pocket is getting bigger this year .