Doomed! SA ban Prophet Doom

Malawians who had hoped of trekking to South Africa on a pilgrimage to seek miracle healings from Prophet Lethebo Rabalago, commonly known as Prophet Doom, will not be pleased with the mention of the name Judge George Phatudi of the Limpopo High Court.

The South African judge has banned the controversial man of ‘God’ from ever using the deadly insect repellent on congregants.


Pastor Lethebo Rabalago shocked the world last November when he confessed that he sprays Doom on church members to heal them.

But in delivering the ruling, Judge George Phatudi of the Limpopo High Court reprimanded the prophet, telling him he was neither a scientist nor a chemical expert to ascertain the effect the pesticide can have on people.

This was after the pastor,  through his lawyer, had argued that no-one in his Mount Zion General Assembly church had died or developed problems due to the pastor’s miracle healings.

South Africa is becoming a safe haven for controversial prophets and pastors.



  1. I disagree with the article’s last statement: “South Africa is becoming a safe haven for controversial prophets and pastors.”.

    When REAL men of God want to go to SA and preach the Gospel, the homo-loving God-hating terrorist communist government of SA bans them from entering. The result, no good churches at all in SA. But, FAKE preachers have free reign in SA. Fake gospel, fake healing/miracles, and fleecing naive people out of every last cent. The SA government has no problem with them!!! Fake Pastors making people eat grass and drink petrol, sha’p sha’p!

    Another problem, cultural issue – people in Southern Africa have this thing that you must have blind respect for ANYBODY who calls himself a Pastor or a man of God. So even when they are fakes, or preaching a wrong gospel, oh just respect them and never criticise them. The Bible tells us straight that we must mark them and avoid them, we must study to show ourselves approved, we must prove (test) all things, we must judge righteous judgment. That’s why people like Shepherd Bushiri are able to con millions of Africans when he is clearly a fraud, just like fake-Pastor Chris and all those others. Galatians 1:6-10 “let them be accursed!”.

    But for Malawi, the real big issue is that although it has great moral laws like banning abortion (child murder) and sodomy (homos), those things are being promoted in Malawi by the outside media. Malawi24 = News24 = Media24 = Naspers = 100% South African, they have an agenda to get sodomy and abortion legalised in Malawi and I have seen the way they try this subtly. Malawians allow South African DSTV to show homos, adultery, transvestites etc in their homes. Malawians sell South African filth such as the You Magazine in South African shops in malls. Malawians will watch the English soccer, which is busy this year trying to promote sodomy through campigns during the game (rainbow flag shoelaces and captains armbands). So while Malawi’s Immigration department is doing its best to keep this filth out of Malawi, the filth is already in Malawi because of the media. Also what makes it worse is false churches promoting 100% love (violating Ecclesiastes 3:8), which is misplaced love for even the most evil of society, which even God tells us to hate. So beware brothers and sisters, the devils and the dogs are coming for you, to tolerate then legalise then normalise wickedness – resist!

  2. I disagree with the statement “South Africa is becoming a safe haven for controversial prophets and pastors”. When REAL men of God want to go to preach the Gospel, the pro-homo God hating communist SA government ban them from entering!!! But FAKE preachers who do preach a false gospel and do fake healing, fake miracles and bleed naive people dry of their money, SA happily allows them to exist and preach lies. Isaiah 30:10-11 & 2 Timothy 4:2-5

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