Malawi Bureau of Standards hits Golden Peacock, Pacific Hotel

Golden Peacock
Golden Peacock
Golden Peacock hit by MBS.

The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has suspended catering services for Golden Peacock and Pacific hotels because of continued non compliance with hygiene standards.

This is ”On compliance to hygienic conditions as stipulated in Malawi Standard Number 21; Food And Food Processing Units – Code Of Hygienic Conditions.” MSB says.

The MBS has lately sealed Malawi Sun Hotel, Chibuku Products on similar reasons.

Their outstanding ban was on Mozambican fizzy drink Frozzy in October 2016.

MBS had said the drink failed to conform with requirements of relevant Malawi Standards, MS 18-Carbonated soft drinks specification and MS 19-Labeling standard for prepackaged foods.

The ban was lifted in February 2017 as the MBS said the matter at hand was addressed by the Mozambican company, Yaafico Industries .




  1. What worries most about today’s Malawi is that any such actions only come when these guys have debts to settle, then they use the Law to frighten business owners to make an urgent cash transfer to their personal bank accounts & later back to the usual filth.

  2. You know a girl nolonger wants you when you say “Babe can i see you next Friday and she reply with “No i will be having a headache that day”

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