Breaking: Frozy drink banned in Malawi


…people found drinking Frozy will be arrested

The Malawi Bureau of Standard (MBS) has banned the Mozambican fizzy drinks known as Frozy saying it is not worth to sold in the country, Malawi24 can confirm.

According to MBS director, Davlin Chokazinga this is through its conformance assessments conducted under the Import Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS) on imported products.

MBS issued a statement on this.

Chokazinga said it has objectively been established that Frozy soft drinks are failing to conform with requirements of relevant Malawi Standards, MS 18-Carbonated soft drinks specification and MS 19-Labeling standard for prepackaged foods.

Frozy; Banned in Malawi.

He added that conformance assessment results on Frozy soft drinks have given high levels of citric acid, in the range of 2240 to 5376 mg/kg (against 3000mg/kg max. specification) and sodium benzoates, in the range of 3248 to 4256 mg/kg (against 1000mg/kg max. specification).

Furthermore, the products have some information provided in Portuguese language contrary to MS 19 labeling requirements.

“Following failure of Frozy soft drinks to conform with the applicable specifications and in accordance with the Imports Regulations of the MBS Act (Cap 51:02), the MBS is hereby advising importers, distributors, sellers and the general public that this product is substandard and that its importation distribution.

”Sell and use is prohibited until further notice. In accordance with section 39 of the MBS Act (Cap 51:02), importers, distributors or sellers of the product, are requested to openly declare to the MBS quantities of Frozy drinks currently in their custody and agree on appropriate handling and disposal procedures with immediate effect.” reads the statement in part.

Furthermore, Chokazinga said to the foregoing, the MBS is advising the general public that it will conduct sweeping exercises through its market surveillance activities in due course to ensure that the product is removed from the market.

He said anyone found stocking, distributing or selling the product after this notice shall be penalized and prosecuted in accordance with section 44 of the MBS Act (Cap 51:02).

The general public is therefore advised to desist from buying and consuming this product forthwith until the MBS verifies through further conformance assessments the redressal of the shortfalls highlighted above.