Dausi tells Malawi’s network providers to improve


Malawi’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi says there is need for telecommunications companies in the country to provide good and reliable network.

This is coming at a time when some Malawians have been complaining about increased problems of network in their areas.

Dausi says network providers need to upgrade their services.

Dausi who is also government spokesperson said in Parliament that the telecommunication firms must take measures to make sure that they provide good network to all people in order for communication activities to be smooth in the country.

“It is important for service providers in the country like Airtel and TNM to provide good network to all its customers,” said Dausi.

He added that government is also planning to provide licences to more mobile network providers in order to increase competition so that people pay lower prices.

The minister acknowledged that poor service from the telecommunication firms was due to financial problems the service providers were facing but he believes this year there will be a change.

Dausi also called on service providers to comply with the Communications Act since if they don’t comply the act will be used against the telecommunication firms.



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