Lack of hygiene worries flood victims


Residents who have been affected by floods in Lilongwe have expressed concern over lack of hygiene at Chimbalame C.C.A.P Church where the victims are staying.

According to one of the victims, the state of the place is unhealthy and very worrisome since there is no toilet.

Lilongwe floods

Floods hit Lilongwe days ago.

“It is very worrisome that we have no toilets to use even temporary ones which is not healthy,” she said

The woman added that they are afraid of contracting diseases since there are many families in the church.

She also observed that the items support that they have received is not enough considering the huge number of the affected families.

“We really appreciate for the support but is not that enough to accommodate everyone here,” she said.

The floods in Lilongwe which occurred last week have seen over 1000 families being affected in some way with many being displaced. Two people also died due to the floods.

Salima district is another districts where floods have led to families being displaced.



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