Violence in Mozambique leading to more refugees in Malawi – report


A United States of American (USA) based organization has disclosed that the violence between political parties in Mozambique is forcing more refugees to enter Malawi.

Dzaleka refugee camp

Refugees from Mzoambique flocking to Malawi.

The organization, Freedom House, has disclosed that people from Mozambique are fleeing to Malawi due to violence between Frelimo and Renamo forces.

The report, Mozambique Violence Refugees and the Luwani Camp, that has been released on Thursday in Washington takes to light substantive evidence of growing violence by government forces as part of a little-known conflict with the opposition Renamo movement in central Mozambique.

“Refugees described family members being tied by their wrists and ankles by government troops, thrown into their homes, and then burned alive,” said Lynn Fredriksson, Freedom house director of Southern Africa programs.

Fredriksson urged the Mozambique government to make a serious commitment to peace negotiations to end the conflicts.

The report is based on research conducted in Malawi during October 2016 in Luwani Refugee Camp and Kapise village along the Mozambique-Malawi border.

A total of 2,351 refugees were at Luwani Camp when the research was conducted, of whom 469 were interviewed for the survey. Others participated through group discussions and individual interviews.

Freedom House is an independent watchdog organization that supports democratic change, monitors the status of freedom around the world, and advocates for democracy and human rights.



  1. To whoever wrote this article/whatever you call it, the picture above is from Dzaleka refugee camp in Dowa not Luwani as you claim. Stop deceiving people and be real.@Malawi24

  2. Let the United Nations devide the this massive country into three countries otherwise it is too big for one president to rule and effect developments!

  3. Antil now many people in Mocambique ar stil reading primitive life , maybe just bcz in a whole Africa its handful countries cronised by Portuguese people that’s why

  4. mukulandila chimsnga muti povalty;makoponi mukupasidwa koma mukumagulisa kukamwela mowa uphawi utha bwanji amalawi inu inu ndiye muli anthu oyitana uphawi osati Boma simuzatheka

  5. Europe & the West feasts on our stupidity. It’s only an IDIOT who’d think of a war to be a way to sort differences & one wonders why we Africans choose to study “destruction” while our teachers in Europe teach themselves about “development”.

  6. Yesu akanangobwera aweruze ziko lamozambiki Kaye,, tikapita kwawo magwalada amatimenya and amatikhomesa misonkho ya njinga,,, abwerere kwawo amenewo,, imagine tikanakhala ife zikanatheka kuthawira kwawo,?

  7. we welcome them to our country but when we cross their country they rob,,rape even kill us,,,,,,which is unfair

    • Why accepting such people in our country? They rob us, rape us, kill us when we cross their boarders. They should remain in their country with their sarcastic hearts. Malawi is a peaceful country despite political differences between parties. We dont want mozambicans in our country.

    • Do you know how many Malawians are in Mozambique living peaceful? Don’t just say you need to investigate! There too many Malawians in Tete, Beira, Nampula and Niassa, who are living without being troubled

    • HEY,,, u mean in Malawi their are mocambians staying in peace,, if you ask plenty but come to your country you are heartless its what I mean

    • So which side is he now? Thom RudeBoy Chicomba,are u a Malawian or a Mozambican? Have you ever travelled to SA and see what these Mozambicans are doing on their borders? Dont just write a comment without knowing what these Mozambicans are doing on their borders. I tell you, these Mozambicans are not trustworthy people.

    • Osman in June this year i travel from Malawi through mocambiqe,,,it’s not a joke i had nightmare for a week,,,,,

    • I agree with u Rhoda Jomo, most of mocambicans are merciless people, I once entered there country but the treatment I got there mmmm wl never go there again

  8. We need spirit of #ONENESS …I travel e lot have been in e place called Denisvelle in South Africa you will be shocked …its like Blantyre …..,

  9. Thats Exodus the movement of Jah people others move from their country because of war while Malawians migrate because of poverty and hunger.

  10. kodimwanaakulephelakutsenzayekha5KGnanga20KGangatsenze?dzikolikulephelakukwanisakudyetsaanthuochepanjalandiyiyathinaamwenaakugonelamangoophika,azimayikunyengeledwa1kgyam’pungabolaanazalazitenthe,nangomalefugiwamwati!!bomalizawadyetsachanipopezandimangoamenewasalapang’onokutha,mwatisazadyadodi!koma,imwsazatheka..ata,ata.

  11. They must pack and go we got our own problems .and these mozamican are bad people in their country they can’t accommodate us.tracks and people coming from south Africa are crying everyday. We don’t want them here they must go

  12. Africa is for every one let them be even some of we are in the out side the MW so dont be like zulu pple who dont think about others

  13. Just because our government is saying nothing then they can come in numbers here the way they want, why not go to other countries like Zimbabwe and Tanzania? Is our land malawi a safe place for refugees? Malawi is a small country already and the same Mozambique took some part our land so today you are cming here in numbers seeking our help, after all you have never been good to our people, you have been killing most malawians in your country, some were beaten there!

    • but moxambique people they are not good frieds bcoz when maawian passing there border always ask money for stamp iven officers they don’t give you your passport until u give them money then they can leave you there government they treat Malawian like animals when we are just passing there country isay no place for Mozambique as there bad people to malawians

  14. Iwe usamalowere za dziko meanuke uzipanga za kwanuko Maya ndiwe ntula khan upange za tchito yako osat za mzambiq! Azibale ako mafuta amatenga kut chimanga amatenga kut ufina uwanamize athu bwaji,

  15. Why is malawi having alot of refugees, our friends in kenya are closing their refugee camp…what are we doing about it..some refugees from burundi pass through close to two or more countries and settle in malawi…we should also call enough is enough..thats why we are even hosting war criminals.

    • Are we malawians really peaceful or we are just dumb..example no district wants a refugee camp in their back yard, but there are still present in some districts…example the government is falsing karonga to eccept a refugee camp but citizens are saying no to the idea….

    • Samuel Chirambo Even the refugees want to stay in Dzaleka. You should learn that Karonga is not some place these refugees are cryting for. Also you should know that Malawi is the way it is because of the influx of refugees. Trust me if you study economics you will understand the benefits of immigration. Or ask people in Dowa how much they have benefited from the Camp. Poverty is Malawi has only less to do with the refugees. I remember when i was young in Dowa, people did not even know mandasi which they called ziburundi, or farming tomato and many other skills like housing styles but after refugees came everything changed and now Dowa is different. We all depend on one another plus we are all Africans and you must be too dumb to not understand that

    • What are you talking about if refugees brings more good than bad to the nation then we wouldint have the so called refugee crisis in europe, Tanzania and mozambique would have accept them without any problems, the generousity of malawi bt hosting refugees has led to refugees owning land, problems forex problems…for staters the only reason why the government wants to move the camp from dowa to karonga is due to security reason..

  16. We are already refugees in our own country coz our government CNT manage us so hw abt them …I feel sorry for em.

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