Alcohol Policy delay worries MAPA


The Malawi Alcohol Policy Alliance (MAPA) has again expressed worry over the delay for the approval of the alcohol policy in the country.

Speaking to members of the press on Friday, MAPA chairperson Felix Chikalira argued that the delay has led to alcohol abuse among the youths.

Malawi beer

Alcohol policy needed- MAPA.

Chikalira said it has taken years for the policy to be approved by the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC).

“There is a lot of abuse of alcohol, the youths are the ones taking a lot of alcohol and this is due to lack of policy,” said Chikalira.

Ministry of Health spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe disclosed that the OPC will approve the policy soon.

According to a survey by STEPS, one in five males and one in fifty women drink alcohol excessively. Overall, 7.8 percent of all people who take alcohol drink harmfully while 20 percent of the youths who take alcohol drink heavily. Currently, 80 percent of the population abstains.

In case of minors, 9 out 10 boys who drink had their first drink of alcohol before the age of 14 and 80 percent of them were involved in premature sex.

The harmful alcohol use causes significant public health problems such as risks of disease and disability currently ranking third leading risk factor globally, after childhood underweight and unsafe sex.



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