12 November 2016 Last updated at: 8:07 AM

Tanzanian Kikwete tells govt to increase funds in education sector

A call has gone to the Malawi government to increase money allocated to the country’s education department if it wants to register success by 2040.

The call has been made by ex Tanzanian president, Jakaya Kikwete who has visited the country this week.

Kikwete who is now a commissioner for Global Commission on Education met the country’s president, Peter Mutharika on Thursday, November 10.

According to Kikwete, education sector is still facing several challenges in as far as financing is concerned in the world’s developing countries including Malawi.

Mthunthama primary school

Education sector in trouble in Malawi. (File)

He said Malawi has to consider much the education department in it’s annual budget and added that it is not good to be relying much on the international donor community.

“First of all let me say that I come out this meeting with the president Peter Mutharika and some members of his cabinet very encouraged in sense that i can see the country moving to a higher level in education. Malawi will develop the program. In the program the idea is to catch up other countries on development by 2040. What we are doing now, other countries did that some 70 years ago, so we really has to Sprint.” Said Kikwete.

The ex Tanzanian president has since commended Mutharika on some other developments he is doing in as far as education is concerned.

He further added that the most exciting thing is that Mutharika says he is committed to working together with Global Commission on Education.

He emphasized that the government need to give education department a lion’s share on all its planned expenditures.

Reacting to the development, minister of education Dr Emmanuel Fabiano who was quick to welcome the recommendations, said government will try all it’s best to beef up the education sector.


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