11 November 2016 Last updated at: 10:51 AM

Ron CZ threatens legal action against Revolver memorial show organisers

Renowned videographer Ron CZ has vowed to drag to court those planning to hold a memorial show for his departed friend Revolver.

It has been noted, some musicians are organising a show aimed at celebrating the life of the late Trap Squad member, who passed on last Sunday having lost the battle to cancer.

This comes barely three days after the burial ceremony at HHI Cemetery in Blantyre that saw some few major artists attending.

Ron Cz Facebook post.

Ron Cz Facebook post.

The 2016 UMP Awards nominee for best video director has been angered by the unidentified organisers, who he claims want to take advantage of the tragedy to inflate their wallets.

According to information sourced by this publication, fees ranging from K500 to K1000 have been attached to the memorial event schedule for the weeked, for one to enter and perform.

This is being done without the knowledge of the Record label to which the deceased was signed to, Trap Squad whose manager is Ron CZ.

“Why do you want to make money from the dead, where were you when he (Revolver) needed his friends?” Posted Ron on Facebook. The Red Ink Chief Executive Officer claims to have made an effort to find those at the centre of organising the event for a talk on the proper way to go about the memorial show. He also suggests borrowing a leaf from the way things were done when Mafunyeta died in 2013. Another hero whose memorial he cites is Matafale.”

“I have tried to find the people organising these shows, and if no proper order followed, we might take legal action. Let my brother rest in peace and don’t try to make money off his name.”

“I remember when Mafunyeta died, his clique organised free concerts in his memory, same with Mafale, the Blacks organise free concerts in remembrance of him.”

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