11 October 2016 Last updated at: 11:21 AM

ESCOM woes : Candle sets on fire a house in Lilongwe



As power shortages continue to get worse with every passing day and ESCOM seeming clueless in how to tackle them, a house has become ashes after it caught fire from a candle that was used to light it. This happened in Lilongwe, Area 15.

According to reports, the house caught fire from a candle that was being used to light the house.

“The mother of the house had gone to the neighbour’s house to visit a patient there, behind her she left a candle and children,” Malawi24 was told by a source.

It is said that the children wight have been playing with the candle or they forgot it such that it ended up catching on some of the house properties before ending into an uncontrollable inferno.

Meanwhile the cost of the damages is not yet known but everything has been lost in the fire.

Malawians have opted to use other sources energy in everyday use as the country is under a heavy electricity crisis.

Some sources are now deemed to have negative impact on people as well as the environment as people are cutting trees for charcoal to meet the demand on the market.

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