11 October 2016 Last updated at: 11:30 AM

Form 1 Student in hospital after ‘tease’ from Form four students

sickThe joy that a student had after racing to Secondary School has suddenly turned into regret after the student is now in hospital battling for his life. This follows a heavy beating that seniors at the School gave him.

The student is reported to have met his fate on Thursday at a school in Likoma. It is said that Form Four students beat him up and when they discovered that they had badly injured him, they locked him up so as to prevent him from disclosing to authorities that he had been beaten.

Confirming to the local press, headmaster for the school Manuel Kondowe said the boy was taken to St Peter’s hospital by his friends where he disclosed that the seniors had beaten him up for qualifying to be in Secondary School.

Kondowe added that the matter has been since reported to Police and investigations are underway.

He further disclosed that he is to take necessary action on those found to have been involved in the act.

Teasing and bullying remain an offense in secondary schools and it attracts suspension of a student involved in the act in rare case’s but in most cases authorities are forced to expel the student.

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