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Just in: Malawi President Mutharika returns home this Sunday

Peter Mutharika- UN

Peter Mutharika: ‘Lost but found’.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika returns home this Sunday, a revelation that has come in the wake of trending speculations that he had fallen into coma.

A press statement from the State House as signed by State House Press Secretary Mgeme Kalilani the Malawi leader had after attending the 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and also attended to various government businesses.

This had delayed his stay in the US, and reports had been going rife that he had died.

”Mutharika will on Sunday 16th October 2016 return to Malawi from the United States of America (USA)” the statement reads in part.

The president left Lilongwe for New York on September 13 2016.

On Monday Government said it will arrest anyone spreading reports that Mutharika is ‘dead’, saying the stories are bringing fear and panic among Malawians.

Meanwhile on Twitter the hashtag #BringBackMutharika has been trending as people have been calling on the Malawi leader to return home.

Reacting to reports of Mutharika’s return, social commentator and journalist Idriss Ali Nassah said the Malawi leader owes Malawians an explanation for his extended stay in America. “Now to explain what he has been doing all along, blowing poor people’s money in America,” tweeted Nassah.

Government had also announced last week that Mutharika was to return home over last weekend, a promise that did not come to pass. This forced people to run a social media campaign in demanding the exact whereabouts of Mr. Mutharika.


The hashtag was picked up by international media.

Others started making jokes over Mutharika’s mysterious disappearance.


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