Just in: Malawi President Mutharika returns home this Sunday

Peter Mutharika- UN

Peter Mutharika: ‘Lost but found’.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika returns home this Sunday, a revelation that has come in the wake of trending speculations that he had fallen into coma.

A press statement from the State House as signed by State House Press Secretary Mgeme Kalilani the Malawi leader had after attending the 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and also attended to various government businesses.

This had delayed his stay in the US, and reports had been going rife that he had died.

”Mutharika will on Sunday 16th October 2016 return to Malawi from the United States of America (USA)” the statement reads in part.

The president left Lilongwe for New York on September 13 2016.

On Monday Government said it will arrest anyone spreading reports that Mutharika is ‘dead’, saying the stories are bringing fear and panic among Malawians.

Meanwhile on Twitter the hashtag #BringBackMutharika has been trending as people have been calling on the Malawi leader to return home.

Reacting to reports of Mutharika’s return, social commentator and journalist Idriss Ali Nassah said the Malawi leader owes Malawians an explanation for his extended stay in America. “Now to explain what he has been doing all along, blowing poor people’s money in America,” tweeted Nassah.

Government had also announced last week that Mutharika was to return home over last weekend, a promise that did not come to pass. This forced people to run a social media campaign in demanding the exact whereabouts of Mr. Mutharika.


The hashtag was picked up by international media.

Others started making jokes over Mutharika’s mysterious disappearance.




  1. Malawians won’t be duped all that long as per official announcement ,the president will take his feet to this beautiful motherland tomorrow and i believe it’s going to be a postive—wow !!! wow !!!f from all corners of this county as we hear him speak to us his people or else in the expense of this postive reaction,it’s gonna be something different now

  2. Anthu enanu ndinu oipa mitima kuposa njala mumafalisa za munthu yemwe alindimoyo nkumat wamwalira azalanga nd yehova bas angokukhululukilan chomwe mumachita simukuchiziwa

  3. He has savaged my beautiful country i just wish he should have stay thyr n never come plz my brothers n ccters let’s we not foold with small parcel, we must look at the current of our mk is going down n maybe we were downgrade long time already. Take an example let’s we just check how many times did he raise up a price of cement, maize meal, passport n many more thyr busy eating our tax payers mony work up Malawi work up my pipo

  4. Sorry my brother, we need much more understndng interms of politics. Lk at the rich in our country, thy dont count of politcs incldng their kids dntmind. Best schls, gd jobs

  5. i think you’re just contrading yoursekf..but in as far trueth of the matter is concerned, if someone dies when he comes back to life,that one is exclusively considered as a NZUKWA/MZUKA..so My fellow..#Malawians,are you ready to.#Rumble? are you ready to be RULED by MZIMU,,Eishhhhhh Some kind of Tragedy,,Shaaaaa kuzangofa chapenapaja Ku U.S.A ma doctors nkuzakuykamo Artificial life chapenapaja,iiiiiiii napepeeee,,,Malawi for the first time akhala akulamuliridwa nd..#MZUKA..Ng’oooooo

  6. Sometimes u don’t understand wy u leave in that miserable situation!! U hv no peace of mind..
    Poverty is striking.
    You hv tried this & that bt nothing Is working…

    Here is the solution…..don’t ever bother yourself looking for the definition of your situation..
    Only a lie can easily provok God anger.
    & am sure you ‘ll die b4 him.

  7. Hi people, i was ask obama about peter, obama he say to me, i was send him back to malawi lastweekend. So don’t ask me again about your presdent,if he is not there wishmeens he died. So i don’t know who say trou between obama and malawi goverment.

  8. Nonse amene mumanena za president Ambuye akukhulukiren ndimafuna ndikambe zambiri kma ndidzangolakwa chimene ndingakupempheni amalawi anzanga tayesani kulapa mitima yanu tamulolani Ambuye ayambe kulamulira mimyoyo yanu ndikukhulupilira kt mutandira yesu kukhala Mbuye ndi mpulumutsi wa moyo wanu simudzalankhula zinthu za chibwana ku mwko kuli azibusa oopa mulungu akuthandizeni ngati azibusawo simukuwapeza undiuzen ndikulondolereni kwa m’busa oti angakuthandizen chifukwa pali azibusa ena amene akutumikira kwa milungu yosadziwika sangakuthandizen

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  10. I think Mr president MUST apologize to the citizens of Malawi right at the airport be4 he get to the state house, and explain why has been so soundless ,that made the entire nation frustrated and confused ,the citizens deserve an apology, he must not take the law by fooling all Malawians ,you politicians don’t just entertain every he is not above the law bcoz is a President

  11. Kkkkkkkkkkkk chakummawaku ndangonva basi basi sindimwalila bwanji mukulankhula ambili kutindine oyipa apabasi maliloanga alepheleka kkkkkkkk inenthawi yomweyo ndinakomoka ndikuseka pano kusuka kumene malilo alephelekabasi achita kukonzekelanso kuti amwalile ulendo winawo Amalawi chonde tizayambe kulongolola titamuyika mmanda nangatawonani zachitikazi aaaaaa koma achitaso

  12. Let the robot come. He will not be the one you knew. He is in the home of great technology has transformed him . You officials keep on fooling my fellow Nyasalanders mudzalangidwa ndibodza lanulo

  13. john Longwe iweo voti yako uzaitaye madzi azawinabe wamva olo utagona tulo tosazuka azawina ife timakonda mwava pali athu ena mfumu amaikonda koma pali ena mfumu samaikonda olo itapangira chabwino ai ndithu zisiru zake ndinu DPP mofaya!!!

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  16. The PRESS MEDIA is to blame because of misinforming malawians and the world of the where about of the president. Again I put ????? about the Journalist’s professionalism. Imagine the sub-head line”Lost But Found”??? How come a PRESIDENT can be lost???


  18. eeee.anthu oipa inu kumanena kuti president wa mwalila zonsezo ndizabodza simukumufunula zabwino malawi musadandaule wathu alipo alimoyo musamvele zamabozadzo.

  19. Aliyense onyoza mtsogoleri kaya wa mmudzi, mmakwaya mzipembezo,kaya wa dziko, ameneyo ndi otembeleredwa ndi zizukulu zake zomwe, kaya mtolankhani wofalitsa zamkutu kufuna ku tchuka, ali wotembereledwa. Olo asayimbidwe mulandu koma adzayankha mmbwalo la namalenga ndipo lilime lake, mzeru zake nzodetsedwa, banja lake ndilatsoka ndikuti………..



  21. Aliyense onyoza mtsogoleri kaya wa mmudzi, mmakwaya mzipembezo,kaya wa dziko, ameneyo ndi otembeleredwa ndi zizukulu zake zomwe, kaya mtolankhani wofalitsa zamkutu kufuna ku tchuka, ali wotembereledwa. Olo asayimbidwe mulandu koma adzayankha mmbwalo la namalenga ndipo lilime lake, mzeru zake nzodetsedwa, banja lake ndilatsoka ndikuti………..

  22. Welcome back home our dear President. We always wish you well. Have a nice journey. If had it been that our national economy was @ good stand, I would prefer you wanner board a private jet all the way from USA to KIA. Once again welcome back our President, we ar all missing you.

  23. ine ndekha sindinakhulupirire kuti abwera this sunday coz week yathayi anatinamizanso choncho. ndidzakhulupirira akadzafika pa airpot coz bomali ndataya nalo chikhulupiriro pamabodza ndipo ndilochititsa manyazi

  24. Mand tkamulumbisa chilma knako tkaptiza mwambo wazovta pitala ause muntendle..kmaso angoyik komwko kwaoko if kno zsatkhuze…tatopa ndkla muldw ndmafolen…rest in pc..ptala….

  25. a Malawi tisagone ngati ndife mbuli zkhazokha, bamboyu Ali ndithu pamaplani odzawinaso chisankho cha 2019 mobera kudzera mu nzeru yakomputer electorate data captring, imene anawina nayo.
    Kumbukirani election house storage inapsa bwanji?
    Kumbukirani bambo watisiya dzanadzanali mkulu wazama elekishoni afa bwanji?
    Tsekulani maso, Ali serious ndi utsogoleri koma osaganidzira kutukula Malawi.
    A Malawi aona chosaona chiyambire democracy my 1994 May.
    Ali pampanipani kufunafuna ndalama Ku mabwezi ache Ku ulaya ndi America zodzayendetsera kampeni ya 2019.
    Kudwala ndikukaikira ndithu kuti anadwala, koma chiphamaso kwa a Malawi.
    Bsmboyu palibe phindu ndi boma lache kwa dziko ndi mtundu wa a Malawi.
    Kukweza chuma ndi zofunika pa a Malawi zaferatu, kodi aikweza motani nkhani yazachuma chitengere boma mu May 2014?
    Kodi miyoyo ya tsiku ndi tsikuvya a Malawi uli pati?
    A Malawi bamboyo Ali ndithu tcheru pa nkhani yodzalamulanso Malawi mpaka 2024 woyeeee!

    • A Malaw ena amakhala ngat galu oti masana umkwapula alira nkuthawa; koma madzulo ukamuponyera mafupa ndi ziboda or zopanda mnofu umuona akubweranso uku akukupizira nchila…
      Kusachimina! Kudutsa kawiri mphechepeche mwa njobvu lero zationelera zingopondereza ife tili mu fumbi tili mbuu !

    • Chiyambire 1994 mu utsogoleri wa Multiparty mpaka pano sindikumuona mutsogoleri wofunitsitsa kuika Malawi ndi a Malawi pabwino pa mkhalidwe wao waza chuma ndi moyo wao wa tsiku ndi tsiku.
      Ndani akumva kukomna kwa mkhalidwe wa za chuma?
      Ndani akumva kukoma pa mkalidwe wache wamoyo tsiku ndi tsiku?
      Yankho ndi okhawo Ali atsogokeri ndi nduna ndi mabwezi awo, Ife owasankha tili kunja kwa Kamuzu Stadium.
      Kodi mpaka naliti Malawi adzakhala osafunikira pa nkhope ya Africa yenseyi?
      A Malawife kaamba kopanda nzeru zamaplan a atsogoleri amene alamulira Malawiyu pa dzaka 22 zapitazi, kwaika miyoyo yathu pa chitswe.
      A Malawi Ali baaalala mu Africa yenseyino, kudzifunira zomiyoyo yao ndi tsogolo lawo pomwe atsogoleri agundika ndi kuwabera misonkhonyao,
      Kodi zitithandidza?
      Onetsetsani a Malawi a nzeru inu pakasankhidwe ka boma kuti ndi ndani kwa a ndalewa adzakweze mtundu wa a Malawi not mtundu wache wokha?
      Onetsetsani a Malawinu kuti Malawiyu mawa adzakhala wotani ndi mtsogoleri wopanda msplan okwezera Malawi pa social and economy.
      Wakwathu ndi wakwathu, koma akalakwitsa pa utsogoleri ovulala ndinenso ndi inunso.
      Ongolani Malawiyu inu ndi ine a Malawi.

  26. … due to poverty caused by witch craft, malawians they regard funeral as entertainment, ,, it’s a mistake to be a malawian, if you have a chance to change nationality do it as soon as possible coz being a malawian is a curse…..!

  27. Returns home this coming sunday?? Is this Hearsays or Ayesays?& who told u that if it so? mesa ndinu nomwe omwe mumafalisa za maliro through social netweks!so how come? alive or dead?,,,,,or,,,,or,,,,a,,ghost or a host??

  28. Something Perculiar Will Happen To Ond Of Southern Africa Nation Then
    Iwe Joshua Ndi Mlongo Wako Ine Sindifa Mpaka 2019 RIP remain in power we lov u nophia.com

  29. Wakutinso?? koma anthu kumakulakalaka utafa ndiye kuti penapake sizili bwino, dzakonzeni ngati kuli kotheka, heeeish,,, oh! nooo! am finished-ooooo!!

  30. Tel him, takonza zipolowe alamulila bwanji dziko la eni lake liliko, Anthu amangidwa buanji oxalakwa, koma olakwa ndi a polisi omwe akuba ndalama pa msewu evry day…!!

  31. Did he send a msg or a Vodeo 2 our fellow Malawians which proves that he still Alive or Do Umean the Remains will come this Sunday?Journallists cn you Ellaborate plz!tell us the Trueth.

  32. I really feel bad to be part of a this nation called Malawi. A nation full of illiterate citizens. citizens who do not do anything for their nation but expecting the nation to feed, educate, treat, pay, etc for free. The citizenry that does not forget a polling day, let alone accepting presidential results! citizens who do not wish well its president, but ulululating on death rumor of the death of their president but frowning and gnashing teeth when hearing the perfect health of their own president. the citizens who cherish corrupt leaders, poor planning leaders, vocal leaders etc. a citizenry fond of tax evasion, smugglers. citizens who sabotage, pirate, conspire,backbite etc. when shall the education system bring a meaning to these fellow malawians? welcome back Mr president.

    • Likewise Gilbert, was just trying to see if you’re not just another Malawian who is a specialist at pointing out our problems but offering no practical resolutions with their own work. With all due respect.

    • Citizens full of negative attitudes for there President! We will never prosper even if we can change this regime still others will to support him accordingly! We gonna keepon insulting our President but nihil we gonna gain!

    • Mr Ephraim Banda, I said details of what am doing cannot be given here. however, I can tell you that as am speaking am having some people on my monthly wage bill for my businesses. these people are employed by my business not me! I just own the business hence creating a service and providing employment as well as giving tax (paye and income tax) to the government!

    • Mr Nthala, which taxes are you referring to? you mean VAT? Vat is a consumption tax which depends on availability of disposable money! if a country depends on vat then it is dead! we need to have income taxes from the profits realized from production industries (which create goods and services) for export hence creating wealth for a nation! PAYE is another poor tax which just work as a revolving fund especially in malawi in which the highest employer is the government! which taxes do you expect that can give you quality free education, free health care, subsidized water, subsidized electricity, subsidized farm inputs etc?

    • Mr goliath wot u v said z clearly the fact bt the problem z how cn 1 survive f the govt z nt gvn gud services to ts ppo.or inuyo u r saing u gat a company how cn u go thru ngat boma silikukondan owez kukutchajan zimisonkho zitalzital.anthu2 sakadalongolora f govt official wre open teln ppo whre our father is ,why spending mo tym thre,why working thre and yet we gat lots of stuff to be solved by him.thank u mr goliath

    • Mr Ephraim Banda, when we say government we mean citizens (you and me inclusive). government does not make money. citizens make money. if we the citizens are not producing where do you think the executive shall get the money? first of all we as citizens should always know that any decision I make (being it good or bad) is for us! if for example, I choose to buy things out of malawi then am taking my tax to the other country which doesn’t give me education or health care! the government is not a business entity but a resource mobilize and allocate entity for the citizenry hence depending on production of its citizens. we work, government collects and allocate.

    • Mr Fishani, I hope you need to meet your lawyer on that comment. he may advise you to withdraw this statement since it sounds treasonous. it befits illiterate dudes so if you are one of them, therefore, you don’t fit in this argument we have here. I pray to you with all due respect

    • Mr Phiri much has been said already but am suprised to see where our nation is heading to..Imagine the speculated issue is true would the nation of malawi hv medicine in hospitals,power all day,extinction of hunger,water flowing in our taps throughout the year,our budget trippled etc.Do you think this can happen just overnight?If i may ask why do feel good in writting issues that wont bring you food on your table.why do we seem to hv forgotten our role as citizens of malawi.why do we support and promote evil in our country..much we are enjoying the freedom of speach but i suggest its too much to wish someone dead i dont think that can change anything.How would one feels when the news that he or she has been dead,how would relatives feel.children etc.Remember our president is a human being just like you and me sometimes he also feel bad when such speculations are all over.and i think this is wrong.If we want our nation to be blessed just like other country lets take envy away from us and hv time to pray for the nation otherwise we may spend years and years on the same point coz this is not what God asked us to do as his children.

    • Mr Lomoliwa, you are very right! malawi is not poor and has never been and shall never be! when a president suggests best way of running the government affairs you find some cizitens sabotaging! imagine the issue of paying for primary education and raising secondary school fees (to me) was a best move! today we say universal free primary education but schools are demanding 1000/term as development fee and parents are paying! this fee could have been formalized and being used by the government. however, you heard a certain MP standing and quashed it while his children are learning in first world schools running away from poorest education in public schools! on power do you remember that malawi was denied a grant to improve power because Bingu denied to arrest albashir? even the efforts we make as malawians are failed by fellow malawians in political positions (opposition) and civil societies just to fulfill their greedy advances.

    • Mr Timothy, an arrest is sweet if you stand for the truth. Cowards are never truthful but pretend as not knowing the truth. we are just putting facts together. If these facts sum up to an arrest then let it be but if these facts are to your contrary opinion then reserve your convictions sir.

    • Mr Phiri i understand yo side of the story, but have u done survey on another side as well. Ok what is the duty of the citizen. And what is the duty of the goverment. Does the citizens know their rights very well. Lets not sweep dusty under the carpet. As citizens they work hand in hand with goverment. Lack of transparency is also a turma in this country. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Have u seen any goverment offical children going to goverment school? Why? A goverment school 4rm standard 1 to 8 with 3 goverment teachers. What do u call that? They cant even drink water 4rm the water board but rather buy imported still water. Why? As far as i know. Pple in Malawi are not lazy than other countries, but the goverment dont embrace them. I have travel the world 4rm Africa to Western countries. The rights of poor Malawians are not respected. The goverment of Democracy must embrace right to education,right to justice,freedom of speech etc. All this only favours u and me who have fat bank account. If i can ask u right now. U find that yo kids go to a private sch. Its easy to talk but to act. I am not saying pple must rely on hand out. But the goverment is their duty to meet them half way. How can u build an expensive stadium to praise someone’s name while teachers are not paid? For me i dont have a problem i have work myself up. but i feel for pple 4rm the ground. On campaign they promise the world but once they are in its just excuses. Ukakwera pamsana panjovu usati pansi palibe mame. If someone raise a better point than them. Instead of cooperating they are busy planting and manufacturing a criminal case to block his voice. Action speaks louder than words.

    • ua comnent was fyn at first kma chakumapetoko muzaganizenso kumene timadikila boma kut litipangirezambili koz u and i all collectly we invest thru unwilling to pay tax

    • Mr Mkandawire, thank you for your comment. I have a question for you. much as you have said you have travelled, may you answer these simple helpfu questions 1. in the countries you traveled (which are richer than us) did you find universal free education and free health care? 2. In those countries you visited did you check the criminality of tax evasion? 3. in those countries did you observe their strongest tax ie is it VAT or PAYE or income tax? 4. Today and kamuzu day when was malawi economy healthier (hint: kamuzus era was better) but why primary education was paid for? 5. did you study the history of all those countries you have admired here on their progress hence did they graduate to this status through our present philosophy of consumption? 6. If. you compare the quality of education in those countries with ours is the gap even comparable? 7. Haven’t you sacrificed at some point to reach where you are today? just to ask a few.

    • Madaliso, I cannot get you precisely. However, on tax it has not to be investing unwillingly. our country depends much on consumption based taxes (VAT and PAYE) not production (profit based) taxes like income tax which is very vital for the nation. This means the more industries produce the more these industries make profits and the higher the taxes.

    • Kodi tikanike kufunsa kuti where is our president? After all ndalama zomwe akuwononga kumenekozo ndi misokho ya amalawife nde musatitseke pakamwa mwamva ndi zomwe anapitira zinatha kalekale. Ndipo ur saying malawians dont do anything r u sure we dont do anything or your just talking. Ndalama zomwe wapitira kumeneko wazitenga kuti if we dont do anything?

    • aiso boma osalikila kumbuyo apa,myself can c tht there z sense of undstandng between us kma mosapta patali wth the case KALIPOLALIPO cz an2fe tkulumidwa bas nkumatiuzirapo talumidwapo!

    • I was once inspired by late bingu’s speech he said malawians are yet to know the meaning of politics and what it meant to be politician.most pple easpecially malawians think politics is just a way of making someone falling down just like what happen in foot ball.Back to a discussion i see no issue kuti ngakhale kuti munthuyo satisangalasa then he or she amfe,that means we do not love each other.Remember also that whatever comes from our mouth can bring either blessings or problems.such examples are these..prefering someone to die and feel better without even hving conciouse on those speeches.Its realy sad and how i wish that spirit is not in our country.

    • Look mr Phiri we cant compare America with Malawi. Basically we need to use what we have in wisely way. If u look those country pay tax,rates,vat which is used to improve infrustracture. Not to be used to campaign politically. We have lot of donors pumping billion time to time. But u wil never hear the breakdown of those funds. For example we have less than 20million pple in Malawi. Few month ago the USAID donated almost 146million US $. So if u divide that money. How much each person will get or use. The problem is not paying tax but how the tax and donations is being used. And as a matter of fact, Malawians are being used as a begging tool 4rm donors. Even we can double tax it will varnish like a neddle. I am quiet convienced that if that small amount we have if we can use it wisely by investing in long term projects like education, agriculture etc we can put Malawi on the next level. The big problem is Mismanagement, nepotism, corruption and dictatorship. Right now the president overstayed the trip. How can u convience investors if in Malawi we have lack of electricity,skills and mode of transport. They is not transparency in this currenty goverment. Ok if the goverment say they dont have funds, so who have funds. Where are they going to get those funds. Lets agree that the funds are misused here. Donor have lost faith and pple have also lost faith as well

    • Mr Mkandawire thanx alot mukutiimilira mu debate ino kmaso fuso lomw ndlakut kd kukadakhla kt gvnt z doing gud that an2 sakuva kuwawa akadayankhula?z going 2thoz hu r backing up ths ukindly gvnt&iknw 4sure most of us r backing the gvnt bcz ululu omwe amalawi ambri akuva enawa sakuva nao nang c thy r livng gud lyf&thy r the 1nz filng thr stomacs wth our monies aimlesly wth the gvnt,xo osamattseka pakamwa tkamayankhla pmwe zkulakwka,BIG UP MR MKANDAWIRE!

    • @ Wilson Bomba i know how it pains to go bed empty stomach while some is telling u to work hard. If u look the ones who are supporting this whole thing are benefiting funds indviuals. While i am embracing equal and everyone must benefit. Ana ambiri mumidzi alephela sukulu kamba kamuchitidwe yoipa ngati uwu. Their kids are at Wits, Oxford(USA) thats why they dont care. Ine ngati kholo i wil never buy a newspaper while at home my wife dont have salt and soda to cook okra(terere). Everytime they announce bugdet and nothing is put into action. What do they budget. How can u put stadium at first priorite while civil servant is not sure when he wil get his salary. They want to impress the world with something that we cant afford at the expense of poor citizen basic right. Makolo mumidzi akugwira chitukuko for free(kuomba njerwa,mchenga,myila etc. NGO akuthandiza by providing cement,metal sheets etc. But when come to goverment to provide teachers, DOLOLO. And blame pple that they want handout. Anthu alima mbewu zawo kuti muwapezele msika wabwino DOLOLO. Time for campaign idatha kale. Hope this coming elections mudzawalonjeza milato ndimsinje yomwe. Yes Dr Kamuzu, Dr Muluzi, Late Bingu they had some weakness at other things, but this is just a disaster. Munthu kuyankhulani bwino next day amangidwe amaneyo with treason charges. And yet someone is saying we dont appriciate.

    • Amalawi ndi anthu osakonzeka man,kuwapatsa fertilizer wa ulele kapena ochipa kuti alime akhale ndi chakudya chokwanira akugulitsa fertilizer njala ikayamba kuwafinya adzitukwana boma.mmmm mankhwala boma likuononga ndalama kuitanitsa kunja mankhwala anthu ena akuwaba kukagulitsa ku Mozambique,ku Zambia ndi ma private clinics mankhwala asowa nzipatalamu aziti boma ndilolephera.Lero akufuna kuti President amwalire akuwona ngati alowa wina ndiye ziyamba kuyenda,boma likugwira ntchito usiku ndi usana kuti zinthu zikhale bwino koma ena kuchita sabotage chitukuko cha boma ndi ma plan a boma kuti boma lowoneke lolephera.Amalawi ndi anthu opandadi mapanti ndakhulupira ndithu ndipo malawi ndiyo kaikitsa ngati ingadzatukuke.Welcome back Mr President I Love you so much,God bless you with more years to Rule us in JESUS Name..Amen

    • Hold it there @ Sherperd that is the problem yes. But if Malawi can put rules and laws on food security that wil never happen. Eg if they introduce loan to fertilizers and seeds to those who are willing then paid back after harvesting time with an agreement. I am sure all the maize wil be in Admarc. But the problem is the market price which discourage farmers. The farmers wil have their Union which wil discuss price with Admarc. Not Admarc demanding how to buy our maize.