Trouble brewing within MCP: Workers in the hands of Malawi Police


Police in the capital Lilongwe on Tuesday arrested a gardener and security personnel at the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) headquarters.

MCP leaders

MCP workers assaulted a lawyer.

The development comes weeks after MCP members beat up lawyer Jorum Mpangeni who is representing fired party members who was on duty to serve court documents to the party President Lazarus Chakwera.

Confirming on the local press, MCP second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka said the party was not issued with a search warrant hence it was not aware of the motive of the raid.

Mkaka added that the police later in the day informed them that the two were to be taken to court to be formally charged.

MCP has for the past few months been marred by political hiccups as some members are calling for a convention to elect a new president arguing that Chakwera is the “worst” leader the party has ever had.

Chakwera is among other issues said to have mismanaged party funds and is also accused of being a dictator in the party.

The political wrangles saw the MCP leadership firing or suspending top members accused of bringing confusions in the party.



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  3. Kkkkk very Funny icn see a lot of pipo ur jst gud on commentng even if they dont know the causative of the issue! Who told u that agàrdner Cnt commit an offence? Mind u pipo, police can arrest even without a warrant of arrest! And There Is A Provision Whc Suport Thm To Do So,mind U Its Nt An Issue Of Doing Things As A Matter Of Practice Bt They Do It As A Matter Of Law, Mwagundika kunyoza a police nkhani yosaidziwa shame On U! Owez when police made An arrest mfwee mfwee unprofesionalism kalowe iweo police With ur skills ! Ine Police Nilibe Nayo Pulobulemu Awamangabeeeeee! Irest My Case.

  4. Apolice a ku Malawi penapake mukamafuna kumanga munthu muziyamba mwaganiza nanu chonde mukundichititsa manyazi mukukhala ngati ndinu mbulinso bwanji mpaka garden boy walakwa chani, andalewa asamakugwiritseni ntchito choncho ayi, munthu akuvutika kutipula pansi cholinga ana ndi mkazi aone kusintha inu mukumumanga, kodi m,mafuna tonse tikhale dzigawenga eti

  5. That’s unproffessionalism in the Malawi Police.How come they arrest a gardener without arrest warrant and failing to explain reasons behind the arrest. Leave MCP solve their problems,not you the police get involved in their affairs.

  6. Choncho mpungwepungwe wayamba kale zisankho zili kutali mkumati muzalowa m’boma 2019 iwalani zimenezo

  7. Dr Lazarus Chakwera, current MCP President only stayed in the US for a relatively short time and yet he tries to speak English like an American. Others who stayed much longer like APM speak English in normal Malawian accent. This makes him a boastiful person and may be not a good leader

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