War in MCP: Chakwera thugs beat up lawyer for fired members

Lazarous Chakwera

Lawyer for fired Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma on Thursday was assaulted by party zealots for submitting court summons for MCP president Lazarus Chakwera at the party’s headquarters.

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma
Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma: Her lawyer was roughed up.

The lawyer Jorum Mpangeni, who has since reported the matter to Lingadzi police station in the capital Lilongwe, said MCP members were reluctant to receive the documents and he opted to drop them at the gate of the headquarters but six men descended on him and beat him up.

He added that during the fracas, the documents were torn up by the members who showed no mercy on him for submitting the court summons to Chakwera.

Reacting on the matter, Nkhoma said the development can be taken as evidence for calling for leadership change within the party, arguing that the current regime has been “undemocratic”

“Exactly that’s what we have been worried and expressing that the violence within MCP has reached to such an alarming proposition, that they refused to be served with court documents. What is more distressing is that these are lawmakers, Reverend Chakwera is a lawmaker, so refusing and beating people in line of duty is really sad development,” said Nkhoma.

Lazarous Chakwera
Lazarous Chakwera (C) is being blamed for the woes in MCP.

MCP authorities have since downplayed the reports arguing that no one has been beaten at the party’s headquarters office in Lilongwe.

Following her expulsion from the party, Chatinkha Nkhoma opted to take legal action against the National Executive Committee for showing her the MCP exit door on the basis of indiscipline.

Chakwera has since been summoned to court over charges of defamation and illegal expulsion of Nkhoma and her colleagues.



  1. Zazii, wakhuta nyemba achoke chipani chathu, ife ndachakwera tiyendetsa, zazii, mwadyaidya mbatata uko muli mukapumire ku kongeresi, kagwereni uko

  2. Chatinkha, Jumbe, Philip Business, Vuwa, Kudontoni and the expelled mcp chairs from the south are in a bid to bring down the biggest threat to APM to create a smooth path for DPP in 2019. In my view, I feel they stopped that useless agenda and pursue what could benefit all Malawians… For example: the peanut salaries in civil service, the 236bn, 92bn and 24bn cashgates, the universal subsidy and abolishment of these other nosense subsidies, the investigation of Njauju murder among many important issues. Am not MCP but the way these Chatinkhas are mummering on MBC TV which is now the station for “we” poor people who cannot pay the Gotv subscription for other channels, one cannot doubt that they are being used.

    1. I agree with you 100 % and I am sure it is these stupid guys who planted thugs at MCP office to attach the so called lawyer of Chatinkha Chidzanja(sorry to abuse the most famous name in Malawi history for money)

  3. Congress sizasintha mpaka kale.Lawyer ameneyu ali ndi mwai ng’ona zikanakumbutsa chikale.Ndie anzanu akazawina 2019 ino muzizati abera,mpungwe-pungwe wake umeneu mungawine chisankho inu?

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