Gwaladi denied bail

Joe Gwaladi Malawi Musician

Ndikanadziwa sindikanapanga hitmaker, Joe Gwaladi, is expected to spend the weekend in the cooler after Phalombe First Grade Magistrate court denied him bail on Thursday.

Gwaladi was arrested on Monday for assaulting and injuring his wife to the extent of cutting off her left toe.

During the court appearance, Gwaladi pleaded not guilty to charge of causing grievous harm allegedly to his wife under section 235 of the penal code.

The state paraded its first witness, Funny Khuliwa aged 22, who is Gwaladi’s wife. Khuliwa who has a child with Gwaladi narrated all the events of what happened on the day the musician was arrested.

When Gwaladi asked for a court bail, First Grade Magistrate Leonard Fletcher Mtosa denied his request after the state cited reasons that he had been violating bail conditions in previous cases.

The court has since adjourned the hearing up to Monday next week for the state to bring three more witnesses on the matter.