Health worker accused of raping patient in Blantyre


Pearson Mlendo, a clinician at Mpemba Health Centre, has been arrested for allegedly raping a 20-year-old patient at his house in Blantyre.

Blantyre Police spokesperson Peter Mchiza has told the local media that the suspect was arrested last Saturday, two weeks after the alleged crime was committed.

According to a police report, the woman, who is a student, on 25 September went to Mpemba Health Centre to seek medical attention after she was feeling pain on her private parts.

At the clinic, she found Mlendo who after examining the girl gave her some drugs as medication for the disease.

However, the pain persisted and after calling Mlendo, the young woman was advised to visit the clinic again. When she visited, she found it closed. She contacted the clinician who told her to go to his house.

The report indicates that when the woman entered into Mlendo’s house, she was told to go to Mlendo’s room where Mlendo allegedly injected her with drugs on the arm.

The young woman felt dizzy after the injection and was feeling that someone was on top of her. She later reported the incident to a matron at her school and the matter was later reported to police.

Meanwhile, the Physician Union of Malawi has said it has also instituted its own investigations into the matter.