Up to K2 Million per Month: Fadeth Furnishers Offers Lucrative Freelance Sales Opportunities for Malawian Youth

Richard Chirwa is the founder of Fadeth Furnishers in Malawi

In response to Malawi’s soaring unemployment rates, Fadeth Furnishers has introduced an enticing commission-based job opportunity, boasting potential earnings of up to K2 million per month, all from the convenience of a smartphone.

Taking to their official Facebook page, Fadeth Furnishers announced their commitment to supporting the government’s job creation initiatives, particularly for the nation’s youth.

According to the post, the company is exclusively recruiting Malawian youth whose primary responsibility will be to promote Fadeth Furnishers’ products to potential customers, earning a commission on each successful sale.

Notably, Fadeth Furnishers claims that a single freelance sales agent has the potential to earn a staggering two million Malawi Kwacha in just one month through this commission-based employment opportunity, without any prerequisite for prior work experience.

Up to K2 Million per Month: Fadeth Furnishers Offers Lucrative Freelance Sales Opportunities for Malawian Youth

In their statement, Fadeth Furnishers emphasized the importance of addressing the nation’s high unemployment rates, particularly among the youth, by opening up freelance job opportunities for all Malawians.

“No interviews, no certificates, and no prior work experience are necessary. If you’re a Malawian, you can consider yourself employed by Fadeth. Your only task is to recommend our products to potential buyers and earn a commission on every sale,” the company’s statement reads.

For interested candidates, Fadeth Furnishers has encouraged them to reach out via the company’s Facebook inbox and provide an active WhatsApp contact for the registration process and further information.

Richard Chirwa, CEO of Fadeth Furnisher, told Malawi24 that people interested in the offer do not need to attend any interview to be considered for the opportunity.

Fadeth Furnishers stands as one of the pioneers in contemporary furniture manufacturing in Malawi, offering a diverse range of modern-day decor options. Their move to provide freelance sales opportunities not only showcases their commitment to economic empowerment but also provides a promising avenue for the nation’s youth to earn a substantial income in challenging times.


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