Kalindo arrested again

Malawi Police have arrested activist Bon Kalindo

Activist Bon Kalindo has been re-arrested by Malawi Police, days after the police blocked demonstrations which he led in Lilongwe to demand the resignation of President Lazarus Chakwera.

Police have arrested Kalindo as he was coming out of Lilongwe Magistrate Court where there was an inter-parte hearing for his earlier warrant of arrest .

Kalindo was arrested on August 30 before a court ordered his release to allow for an inter-parte hearing on the arrest.

Police from Area 30 who have arrested Kalindo today say there is a fresh warrant relating to Kalindo not honouring his bail conditions in another case .

Stanley Chirwa, lawyer to Kalindo, has described the arrest as unprocedural.

“But as a matter of procedure that is not supposed to happen. My client was supposed to be called to court , or to be summoned because he was on bail on same charge on which the police have obtained another warrant of arrest for him.” Said Chirwa.

It is not immediately clear where Kalindo has been taken.