Vinnie Raps Shares New Inspired Boom-Bap Visuals for Single “NYC Flows” Featuring JaeRsa, Out Now

Vinnie Raps is a rapper from Malawi set to make his New Single "NYC Flows" as a Boom-Bap Anthem

Vinnie Raps, the Malawian rapper and producer, has released the brand new single “NYC Flows” from his upcoming album “I’M ON IT”. The track is a 90s New York boom-bap sound-inspired tune with a little bit of modern Hip-Hop perfectly put together.

In an interview, Vinnie Raps explained how important it is to him to clearly convey the message and what is important to him, namely his career and the level he stands on. Steadily moving as each day goes, Vinnie is creating a new sound, with contemporary unique raps and verses to be remembered with as he leaves footprints in the game.

“As a rapper, I get compared to other rappers a lot which I understand is just how it’s supposed to be, but rather than accepting that fact and letting it be, I chose to rap about how I am different from other rappers. Not to toot my own horn but 90% of the rappers people compare me to can’t flow on boom-bap beats as dope as I do so the song is just me making that statement clear,” Vinnie said.

He added: “It has helped me fully be myself as an artist. Many people don’t know this but my first style of rap was boom-bap. But because my age group and the friends I started rapping with were more into trap, and I easily followed suit. So creating songs like NYC FLOWS make me feel good because that’s where I’m more comfortable with my art and there are always more flows, words, and pockets I can tap into with ease. And yeah, it’s very different from most of the usual releases that I mostly drop: new school sounds, so this is just a reminder to the listeners that yo, I’m Vinnie Raps for a reason.”

The new single was worked on and produced by JaeRsa, who is also the same person to be producing Vinnie’s new upcoming album slated to drop on 21st July.

“My last project dropped in February which is well over 4 months ago and it was just a 3-track EP. I released it while we were still recording the upcoming project so that period has been a period of growth both as an artist and an individual, but also a very draining period coz of the amount of work we had to put in.

People should expect nothing, but great music and great vibes. We are taking it to the top with the music we have right now and we are already creating more ideas for even bigger anthems,” said Vinnie Raps.

Announcing the news of their joint project the two artists took to social media to share about the excitement of their new collaboration together.

“After months of hardwork and dedication, we are finally ready to give you this masterpiece we created. It was a long, tedious, at times frustrating process but an overall beautiful experience and we are honored to share what came out of it with you. Let me stop the waffling and cut to the chase… “I’M ON IT” ,an Album by @vinnie_raps & @jacquine_jaersa is dropping this Friday the 21st of July,” Vinnie posted.