Limpopo FM refutes citizen’s claim of abusing social media with propaganda

Bon Kalindo

Limpopo FM management has refuted the concerned citizen grouping’s claim that it is one of the stations alongside Bakili Muluzi TV being used by opposition parties in Malawi to speak against the Tonse Alliance government and its leader President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

The concerned citizen group’s Publicist Thokozani Banda was quoted in the media as having said using fake news is dangerous especially now that political parties are strategizing themselves on their elective conferences and the country goes to the polls in September 2025.

The group attacked the two stations Limpopo FM and Bakili Muluzi TV for abusing social media by spreading insensitive propaganda alleging that they are being supported and sponsored by opposition parties in Malawi.

Comrade Mthanyiwa behind the production and airing of the so-called propaganda on Limpopo FM said the station is self-sponsored claiming that they use their pocket money to tell Malawians the truth and not lies about what is happening in Malawi on daily events.

Mthanyiwa has thanked Malawians for sponsoring the station saying he did not know that Limpopo FM is being followed by millions of people in Malawi observing that tuning into the station alone, is sponsoring the station to continue giving them what is good for their ears to hear not lies from government.

He has dismissed claims that those who are being dismissed at the State House are the ones feeding the station with all the news claiming that the station has many sources from Capital Hill and government departments and has employed 5 reporters each in every district in Malawi as its nose for news.

The Programme’s Producer said those who are fed up with lies from the Tonse Alliance government for failing to fulfil campaign promises are the ones providing information to the station for Malawians to receive trusted news.

“Go back to the drawing table to revisit where you have gone wrong with fake promises such as fertilizer, mega-farms, and one million jobs, these promises will take you out of government, don’t blame anyone, blame yourself,” said Comrade Mthanyiwa.

On its part, Bakili Muluzi TV Programmes’s Producer has alleged that Minister of Finance Sosten Chithyola Banda has given K6 million to the leader of the concerned group Billy Malata to release audios against Professor Mutharika and holding press briefings.

Bakili Muluzi TV has assured Malawians that even though the Tonse Alliance government is hunting for him for arrest, he will not stop giving Malawians the right information at the right time that the Tonse Government has failed and has turned against social media.

Meanwhile, political activist Bon Kalindo has said Malawians know who is with them and all propaganda to defeat Bakili Muluzi TV, Limpopo FM and him will not succeed advising activists to eat the money given and sit down and warning them that fighting against them is fighting against Malawians.