MUKA by Charisma, Gwamba and Achina Ghattah Aise Sparks Controversy

Charisma Malawi

The latest single by Charisma featuring Gwamba and Achina Ghattah Aise has set the Malawi music scene on fire, sparking heated debates among fans, critics, and industry insiders. Released on May 16, 2024, “Muka” has become the anthem of the moment, with some considering it a diss track.

But targeted at which artists?

Achina Ghattah Aise’s verse, in particular, has raised eyebrows, especially the line “Ati tipase Feature Olo Utidye, I don’t know Ngati Ali Straight,” leaving many hip-hop listeners scratching their heads.

Guntolah, on Facebook, hailed the track as a return to hip-hop’s roots, declaring, “Hip Hop is back, Ma Facts Owawa!”

Classick, another of the industry’s undisputed heavyweights, posted on his Facebook that “People are Rapping. Wow!”

But it’s Gwamba’s verse which has generated the most heat, with several people on social media concluding it is a subliminal jab aimed at some members of the Mario Bros, which includes artists like Crispy Malawi, Crazy G, Krazie G, and Ace Dirty.

Gwamba raps in “Muka”: “Pochoka Ku show Ndi ma fans Nonse mu Tax, Utha Kuthawa Mvula Osati ma Facts.” The bars have left many wondering who he’s addressing.

Krazie G and Gwamba are among Malawi’s hip-hop galacticos and have previously featured each other.

The speculation is rampant, with one fan commenting, “Akunena Za Ndani Kwenikweni?”

Despite the controversy, the collaboration between Charisma, Gwamba, and Achina Ghattah Aise has sent tongues wagging in the industry.

However, people are questioning why the song’s lead artist, Charisma, did not feature a full verse.

“Komano Charisma Sanayikemo Verse Chifukwa Chani?”

Judging by social media, “Muka” is the anthem that’s got everyone talking. But is it a bold statement or a reckless provocation?

“Komano Charisma Sanayikemo Verse Chifukwa Chani?”


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