Ambuye Ntengeni Reaches Zambia, Kills 10


A tragedy mirroring  Malawi’s recent home-made beer fatalities has unfolded in Zambia, where 10 individuals have lost their lives after consuming the suspected  brew. 

In the previous month, a locally brewed beer called ‘Ambuye Ntengeni’ caused 14 casualties in Malawi, resulting in 10 confirmed deaths. Remarkably, this death toll aligns with the number of fatalities reported in Zambia’s Southern Province. 

The incident, which took place on May 12 and May 13, 2024, was only brought to the attention of Zambian authorities on May 16, 2024. 

Indication from the authorities suggest the death toll could be higher as investigations revealed that the incidents occurred in Siankope A village, within Chief Simwatachela’s jurisdiction, where victims consumed a concoction allegedly made with methylated spirit. 

According to police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale, in Zimba District, two fatalities and five hospitalized individuals have been reported there. 

Meanwhile, in Pemba, three deaths and four hospitalizations were reported, while Namwala District recorded five fatalities. 

In Pemba, victims experienced severe symptoms like diarrhea and abdominal pains after ingesting a mixture of Methylated spirit, water, and shoe polish. 

Similarly, in Namwala District, individuals succumbed to drinking a locally brewed beer named Chijaba. 

Mr. Mwale emphasized ongoing collaboration between police and health officials to ascertain the cause of these tragic incidents and prevent further harm. 

In Malawi, the Senior Resident Magistrate Court imposed fines on five vendors of the illegal beer known as Ambuye Ntengeni, just before the rollout of Excise Tax Stamps by the Malawi Regulatory Authority, all aimed at curbing the circulation of harmful products in the market.


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