Bushiri extradition: South Africa welcomes Malawi High Court ruling


South Africa says it is ready to comply with the Malawi High Court ruling for South African witnesses to come to Malawi and physically testify in the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri extradition case.

South Africa’s Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services has released a statement following the judgment of the High Court of Malawi which pertains to its application to extradite the Malawian fugitives Chipiliro Gama also known as Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary Bushiri.

In the statement, the Ministry has allayed fears that witnesses who accuse Bushiri of sexual offences will be required to come to Malawi.

Reads part of the statement: “‘Witnesses to a preliminary inquiry I extradition hearing are representatives / agents of the requesting state who will be able to answer questions and be cross-examined by the fugitive.

“The court is asking officials to testily in the extradition hearing on a set list of questions in relation to the extradition hearing only.

“The judgment clarifies the matter on page 12: ‘… therefore, protection of the sexual offences witnesses from being exposed to trauma and embarrassment when they come to Malawi does not arise. They will not come to Malawi, nor will other witnesses at the impending trial.'”

The Ministry has added that it is still working with government institutions of Malawi responsible for mutual legal assistance and extradition.

“We appreciate the continued collaboration of the authorities there in the processing of our extradition request,” the Ministry said.

Bushiri and wife Mary were arrested in South Africa in 2020 on allegations of financial crimes.

The two, however, fled the country after being granted bail. Bushiri claimed that his life was in danger and that he would not have gotten a fair trial in South Africa.

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