Five injured in grenade explosion at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa


Five people have been injured following a suspected grenade explosion at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa.

Dowa Police Station Publicist Gladson M’bumpha said the incident happened on Wednesday at about 19:00 hours at the camp near Dzaleka Main Market.

He added that one of the victims, Butoyi Fedeli aged 54, who is a refugee leader of Burundi Community, was chatting with his secretary, Bruno Ndaishime, outside his office.

“While bidding farewell to each other, Fedeli suddenly saw a person lighting matches before throwing an unknown object at them which he suspects to be a grenade and it bursted with loud noise and he suspects a fellow refugee of Rwandan origin to have done this,” M’bumpha said.

Following this, Fedeli fell down while bleeding and he was rushed to Dzaleka Health Centre by well-wishers where he was further rushed to Dowa District Hospital following several cuts and fractured on both legs he sustained.

M’bumpha went on to say that the secretary, Ndaishime also sustained cuts on both legs and at the back.

He also said that apart from Fedeli and his secretary, three other people including an 11-year-old minor who were passing by the same place while on their way to their homes also sustained various injuries and all are admitted to Dowa District Hospital.

Upon receipt of the matter, police visited the scene where a pin and some fragments have been collected.

Meanwhile, police have arrested Umoton John Peter, 42 after the suspect mentioned him as being the one behind the the incident. A Rwandan, Peter will appear in court soon to answer grievous harm charges.

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