UNIMA’s moot court discusses mismanagement of K6.2 billion Covid funds


Judge of the High Court,  Justice Mike Tembo, says he was impressed with the public moot held in the high court by  University of Malawi (UNIMA)  third year law students who made presentations on the alleged mismanagement of K6.2 billion Covid funds

Tembo was particularly impressed with how the law students presented the case which was trust based approach to remedies against  mismanagement of public financial resources in Malawi.

The mock case was held in the High Court in Blantyre and was centered on the alleged  mismanagement of K6.2 billion meant for Covid-19 response.

Judges during the moot court

Tembo observed that the students were better prepared, and thoroughly researched information brought before the court adding that this was how cases are presented and handled in the High Court.

Justice Tembo who presided over the moot alongside Justices Joseph Chigona and Vikochi Chima expressed optimism that the law students will become some of reputable legal practitioners in the country.

Professor at the  University of Malawi, Law Faculty, Garton Kamchedzera said he was satisfied with the moot, adding that this was a true testimony that the students prepared well for the case.

He said the case was relevant to be brought before the High Court because it was about public resources.

A third year law students, Bentry lgnatius  Nyondo, said the case was brought before the High court as public awareness on the  mismanagement of K6.2   billion meant for Covid-19 response.

He said there was need for the public to know that people who were entrusted to manage the funds were not brought before a court of law for justice adding that no remarkable  efforts to recover the mismanaged resources are done.

He observed it was only a former cabinet minister that repaid about K600,000 while the rest of the resources were not yet recovered.

Nyondo said that the public moot was also meant to raise awareness on the need for court to use what is termed as “Law of Equity  and Trust” which is capable of recovering mismanaged public financial resources.

The public moot was organised by Law Faculty students at UNIMA.


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