Chisi Island geared for community festival


By Mervis Lodzanyama

Group Village Tchuka on Chisi Island says community members are excited to experience the second edition of the Chisi Island community festival slated for 20th to 21st August 2022.

Tchuka said the festival brings his people together and allows them to showcase their culture through traditional dances.

“The news that the festival is back, has excited everyone here because we do not usually have such kind of gathering, therefore we will utilize this opportunity as it is our time to shine like our friends on mainland,” said Tchuka.

He further pledged support towards the festival to make sure it achieves its intended purpose.

“Members of Chisi Island community will support the festival through various means such as security, venue clearance and others. They know this event is an opportunity to many here,” he added.

On his part, Lovemore Subili a boatman, said the event gives him an opportunity to earn more in his business, as people need to move to and from the Island before and after the event.

“This festival benefits us more since we have to ferry participants from the main land to the Island and back which gives us money to take care of the needs of our families,” he said.

He also said that the benefits are prolonged even after the festival as tourists continue to visit Chisi, which gives the boat riders business opportunities.

The Events Coordinator, Taonga Mtambo, said preparations are underway for the festival that is expected to surpass the fun and excitement people had last year.

“The festival is full of fun and exciting activities like hiking, traditional dances, music performances and this year we are introducing the boat race for the community’s boat riders,” she said.

Mtambo further said that it is a life-changing event for many as it gives people a one-time chance of experiencing the fun and also uplifts the development of the Island.

“The event is aimed at exposing the Island to potential well-wishers to support development activities on the Island. It is also a way of introducing and enhancing sporting activities on the Island as well as promoting it as a potential eco-tourism site,” she added.

Meanwhile, Team Adventure, organisers of the festival, have called upon well-wishers to support the festival and help bring the change to over 3000 Islanders.

Chisi Island is about 15 kilometers long and is found on Lake Chilwa in Zomba having 18 villages that rely on one health center, one primary school and many nursery schools.


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