Support for 19-year old jailed cannabis seller grows


Malawians have joined hands in demanding the release of 19-year old Cannabis seller Mussa John who has been sent to jail for eight years.

The citizenry has united on social media platforms in the quest to push for Mussa’s release arguing the court has been harsh on him as compared to influential figures who committed offences of similar nature.

Social media users are calling for the release of the 19-year old.

Award winning video director Gift Sukali wrote: “Am not a legal expert but I think 8 years for for 19 year old is too much.”

Entrepreneur Excess argued that the teenager is a victim of the economic environment in Malawi which forces youth to commit crimes.

“He did not rob anyone, he did not kill anyone, but sold a plant. Yes its illegal to sell this plant but the punishment should be fair. Someone who committed the same offence 2 months ago was simply fined for growing that same plant,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Social media influencer Gerald Kampanikiza argued on Facebook that a fine could have been a better punishment than sending him to jail.

“This young boy deserves a second chance and a fine could be a better option and it is’nt too late,” he said.

In the meantime, Kampanikiza is mobilizing financial resources towards John’s appeal, a move which Malawians are supporting in strongest terms.

According to Kampanikiza, lawyers are working to appeal the 8-year jail term.

The youthful Cannabis seller was slapped with an 8-year jail sentence. According to Senior Resident Magistrate Byson Masonga, the sentence is meant to deter would-be-offenders.

Malawians are protesting the sentence arguing it is a sign of selective justice. They are citing the case of Castel Malawi Chief Executive Officer Herve Milhade who was only fined K1 million for cultivating Cannabis in his compound.

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  1. The punishment is too much and justice is missing in this case

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