Castel Malawi boss fined K1 million over Chamba


A court in Blantyre has ordered Castel Malawi Limited Managing Director, 60-year-old Herve Milhade, to pay a K1 million fine for cultivating Indian Hemp (Chamba).

Milhade faces a one-year jail term if he fails to pay the money.

Plants allegedly uprooted at Milhade’s house

Blantyre Senior Resident Magistrate Court has handed the ruling today after Milhade and his accomplice Murie Jan, aged 50, pleaded guilty on June 2.

Meanwhile, Chipofya has told parties involved in the case to appeal if not satisfied with the ruling.

The two were arrested on 8 April this year at Milhade’s residence at Kabula Heights in Blantyre.

A total of 59 plants of the hemp which weighed 45 kilogrammes were found at Milhade’s home. The plants were forfeited pursuant to Section 17(6) of the Dangerous Drugs Act.


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