Bushiri’s ECG donates to Malawi Police, Immigration


The ECG Church whose founder is Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  has donated K4 million to Malawi Police, Malawi Defence Force, Malawi Prison and Malawi Immigration Services.

The money is aimed at  supporting  a bonanza sports activity organized by the security agencies.

National Pastor for ECG Malawi, Pastor Chisomo Manthalu said the church got a request and, as part of its social corporate responsibility, felt it was necessary to assist.

Representative of the team from security agencies,  Griffin Mphande, thanked the church, saying the donation will go a long way to help their bonanza which begins this Saturday and ends Sunday.

The Church did not disclose where it got the funds to finance the bonanza. Its founder, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is currently fighting extradition to South Africa to face fraud, money laundering and corruption alleged charges.

Together with his co-accused wife, Bushiri left South Africa soon after being granted. It was alleged he was smuggled from South Africa to Malawi in President Lazarus Chakwera’s chartered jet, a claim shot down by both the president and the prophet as unfounded.

In Malawi, Bushiri is building a tourism lakeshore city in Mangochi with support for the project coming from Malawi’s cabinet ministers who have visited the venue to appreciate the project. Malawi’s mobile operators, TNM, has reached an agreement with the prophet to be official mobile operators for project named Goshen City.

In South Africa, Bushiri is also accused of obtaining a residency permit fraudulently. The South African immigration official who granted the Malawian born Prophet the said permit was recently dismissed and faces prospects of prosecution.

South African Home Affairs official dismissed over Bushiri’s residency permit

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  1. I think its pretty obvious what the motivation behind this “donation” is for. The immigration service??? The police??? Does he really think that because he’s doing it in plain sight we are too foolish to understand what he’s trying to do. Using church funds for that purpose too? Well im sure his followers wont mind how theyre donations are used if they help to “protect” their “prophet”.

    I cant believe how blatant Bushiri is with eveything he does. Its obvious he has a very low opinion of everyone else’s intelligence.

    The church money goes to a variety of “good causes” it seems. He even “donates” to some news outlets in order to control what they write about him and to silence their comments sections which reveal what the general public really think about him.

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