Kizz Daniel spits in the face of Patience Namadingo, other Zambians


Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel is in trouble after giving Patience Namadingo and other Zambians a cold shoulder upon his arrival in Zambia for a concert.

The Nigerian has angered music lovers in that country after refusing to receive flowers from a Zambian lady when he just landed at the airport. As if that is not enough, the Buga hit-maker also refused to take questions from journalists at the airport.

A video which is in circulation on social media, shows the musician snubbing the woman and members of the press.

This has not gone well with the neighbours. Some are demanding an apology from him while others have threatened to boycott his concert.

“If he won’t apologize, He will regret ever entering Zambia,” said Mubanga Sakala

Zambians don’t worship rudeness,” said Benjamin Mbewe in a comment

Uriel Pedro said, “He doesn’t have to disrespect people because of minor fame, to me everyone is valuable in life, but it all depends on how other people see it.”

Another comment reads, “He is here to make money from the same people he has disrespected, shame on him.”

Other people believe the artist was following Covid-19 preventive measures.

Nyasha Kabwe said, “As you can see, he is following covid preventive measures. The mask explains it all. No had feeling.”

Daniel is expected to perfom in the neighbouring nation tommorrow. Malawi is also expected to have a taste of his stage magic in August.

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  1. This won’t stop untill we learn how to respect and honor our own local musicians.

  2. He deserves an hot apologies to the Zambians or else no one will attend his show

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