Grandson arrested over grandmother’s death


Police in Dedza have arrested 27-year-old Chikumbutso Dzimbiri and another person believed to be a traditional healer, Greya Black, in connection to the murder of Dzimbiri’s grandmother, 82-year-old Nakopa Kam’mera .

Dedza Police Deputy Publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda said Kam’mera was reported missing on June 8, 2022 until Friday June 17, 2022 when she was found dead and half buried in a millet garden.

Prior to discovery of the corpse, his grandson Dzimbiri whom she raised since childhood warned that he would deal with anyone involved in the search of the missing grandmother and this brought suspicion to the family.

Based on the threats, his family decided to report him to Lobi Police Unit, but when news reached him that his family is suspecting him to be behind the missing of his grandmother, he flef the area.

As part of investigations, police officers at Lobi Police Unit called his wife for interview where she revealed that a week before the missing of Kam’mera, she heard her husband’s closest friend Black, telling him that if he failed to do what he had instructed him to do, he would die poor, and that when she asked her husband about the meaning of Black’s assertion, he intimidated her that she would be killed if she minded about men’s business.

On June 18, 2022, Dzimbiri and his accomplice, Black, were arrested.

Meanwhile, Dedza Police have condemned the conduct of villagers who were baying for the blood of the two suspects including maliciously damaging glasses of Lobi Police Unit.

Dzimbiri, 27, and Black, 37, hail from Chalendewa Village, Traditional Authority Kachere in Dedza.

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