Bushiri: My Goshen City project is a game changer


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has officially unveiled his Mangochi Goshen City project today in Lilongwe which he says will create 100,000 jobs.

Goshen City is a futuristic, commercial, tourist Smart City located in Malawi with administratively defined boundaries whose members will work primarily on both agricultural and non-agricultural tasks.

The City will generally have extensive systems for medical facilities, education facilities, housing, transportation, sanitation, utilities, land use, production of goods, and communication.

Presenting the project before Malawi Government officials during the launch of Malawi Secondary Cities Plan (MSCP), Bushiri said the project has 20 phases but the first and second phase will be ready by December this year.

“The first and second phase is scheduled to be ready by the end of this year. Goshen City will be a sum of what makes Africa and the west unique.

“The richest Iconic City in Africa, attracting the smartest brains, managing the most rewarding African brands in Africa and the world at large. A city of African global thinkers and businessmen,” he said.

According to Bushiri, the goal is to market Malawi and the region to the world, boost Malawi and improve the quality of lives of Malawians and people in the region.

On values, Bushiri said they are focusing on integrity, innovation, excellence and customer centricity.

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