Women Caucus in Parliament wants more female MPs in 2025


Chairperson of Women Caucus in Parliament Roseby Gadama has encouraged women parliamentarians to be accountable to their constituents so that the people should vote them back into parliament come 2025.

Gadama who is Member of Parliament (MPs) for Zomba Thondwe has told Malawi24 that the Women Caucus in Parliament wants to see more women being elected as MPs during the 2025 Parliamentary elections.

Currently, there are 40 women in Parliament and Women Caucus in Parliament wants the number to increase come 2025 elections, according to Gadama who added that the Women Caucus will do its best to see best results out of the women parliamentarians network.

“I will work work hard with the Women Caucus in Parliament to see this happening so that there should be an increase of women parliamentarians from the current 40,” Gadama said.

She said that all the 40 women parliamentarians are doing all their best in their respective constituencies by facilitating development activities.

Gadama therefore urged people in the country to avoid voting out women parliamentarians for the sake of changing MPs before assessing their performances and achievements.

“Let me appeal to people in the country to avoid voting out MPs for the sake of it, people should rather asses what the MP has done during her tenure,” she added.

Gadama further urged fellow women parliamentarians to never let down people that voted them to parliament saying the people had hope in them that they will deliver and fulfil campaign promises.

“Be accountable to people that voted for you and do all your best to fulfill the campaign promises,” Gadama appealed to fellow women parliamentarians.

She also appealed to 50-50 campaigners to keep on campaign as opposed to starting campaigning for women closer to election time.

Gadama said continuous 50-50 campaign has the potential to help raising adequate awareness on the importance and benefits of voting for more women into parliament.