MCP is the very best in Malawi — Chakwera


President Lazarus Chakwera says his Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is “the very best” claiming that his party has the best policies and strategies.

He indirectly attacked other ‘briefcase’ parties in Tonse Alliance, saying MCP is a national party.

Chakwera who is leader of the MCP was speaking at the party’s fundraising dinner at BICC in Lilongwe on May 8.

He argued that the MCP have every reason to be proud of the party because it is a national party with members from across Malawi.

“MCP is the very best party in the land, MCP policies are the best, its manifesto is the best, its infrastructure is the best, its Constitution is the best and its strategies are the best,” said Chakwera.

MCP ruled Malawi from 1964 to 1994 before returning to power in 2020 as part of the Tonse Alliance.

The alliance which Chakwera leads has eight other parties including UTM which is led by Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima.

When the two were campaigning in 2020, there were reports that after Chakwera serves his first term, Chilima would represent the alliance in 2025.

However, speaking at the dinner, MCP deputy secretary general Catherine Gotani Hara said the party had endorsed Lazarus Chakwera as its candidate for the 2025 presidential elections.

“The Bible says that whatever is bound here on earth, the same is bound in heaven. So, we are today making it binding that, in 2025, our presidential candidate will be Chakwera.

“We are making our wish binding today and nobody will unbind it and, when going that route, we will meet a lot of things but we must remember that God is in control and nobody will take this away from us,” Gotani Hara said.


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