Chakwera appoints new MERA board


President Lazarus Chakwera has appointed new board members for Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) to replace the board members fired last month.

The new MERA board is chaired by Reckford Kampanje while Innocencia Chirombo who has been retained is vice chairperson. Members include Lameck Nchembe and Ulemu Kambwiri.

Secretary for Energy, Director of Energy and MERA chief executive officer are ex-officios.

Secretary to the President Zangazanga Chikhosi has said in a statement this evening that the appointments are subject to confirmation by parliament.

Chakwera fired the board of MERA for incompetence over the hiring of Henry Kachaje as MERA chief executive officer.

In November last year, the office of the Ombudsman faulted the MERA board for hiring Kachaje to a position that requires a master’s degree when Kachaje had no master’s degree at the time he was being offered the job.

The fired MERA board was led by Leonard Chikadya and members included Innocencia Chirombo and Phyllis Manguluti. Counsel Pempho Likongwe also used to be a member of the board but he resigned last year after the Kachaje report was released.

Meanwhile, the reconstitution of the new board is expected to lead to an increase in fuel prices. MERA spokesperson Fitina Khonje told the local media earlier this month that the authority was failing to adjust prices due to the absence of the MERA board.

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