People in Balaka protest over burial of five bodies in graveyard

Community members from Group Village Headman Mponda in Balaka district have complained of bad smell from a graveyard where Balaka District Council buried five dead bodies without the villagers’ knowledge.

The news has been revealed by Group Village headman Allan Banda who told a local radio station that unknown people were buried in the village’s graveyard at night without their knowledge.

“The corpses were buried at night in half dug graves and are now producing a bad stench,” said Group Village Headman Allan Banda.

Reports indicate that the council together with police officers buried dead bodies at the graveyard in Group Village Headman Mponda without seeking permission from the chief.

According to officials from the council, five bodies were buried in the graveyard two weeks ago but permission was granted by a chief who is not recognized by the community.

This evening, the community members stormed the District Council offices demanding answers from the council. However, the villagers were teargassed by police forcing them to go back.

Meanwhile, they have vowed to exhume the bodies if the council fails to provide an explanation.