Father marries, rapes and impregnates biological daughter


A 47-year-old Malawian man has been arrested in Dedza after he abducted his 15-year-old biological daughter to Mozambique where he was living with her as his wife.

Dedza police deputy Publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda has identified the man as Chionga Divala of Mzenje Village, Traditional Authority Kaphuka in the district.

The suspect got divorced with the victim’s mother in May 2020, and after the divorce, he went to Mozambique where he was working in Tobacco plantation.

While in Mozambique in May, 2021, Divala learnt that his ex-wife had gone to Mtakataka for business.

He took it as a chance to take the child. He secretly came to Malawi and abducted the daughter to Mozambique where he started staying with her as his wife in Mbeya Village.

Although Divala did not reveal about his illegal marriage, people in Mozambique through the victim learnt about it.

Four months later, as the girl showed signs of pregnancy, community eyebrows were raised and angry villagers from Mbeya plotted to manhandle him.

Sensing that things could quickly get out of control, village headman Mbeya chased him and the child.

Later, Divala got another job in Mozambique but when his boss learned that Divala married his biological daughter, the boss became so furious that he took both Divala and the victim and handed them over to Mikondo border in Malawi.

Divala was arrested and the victim was sent to Chimoto Health Centre where results of pregnant test came out positive.

The suspect is expected to answer two charges of abduction and defilement contrary to Sections 153 and 138 (1) of the Penal Code respectively.